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Zion National Park Angels Landing Hike

Zion National Park has the most dangerous hike I have ever been on and here I provide Utah camping information. An epic 5-mile hike, Angels Landing is one of the two top attractions in Zion. But it is the last 1/2 mile that will make your jaw drop when you see what you have to do to get to the peak. It is amazing that the National Park Service allows this hike to go on. Despite the warnings this is a crowded hike. This might be because of the spectacular views of Observation Point, the Great White Throne, and the entirety of lower Zion Canyon and the Virgin River running through it.

The start of Angels Landing trail is like any other in Zion...up, up, up. After going through Refrigerator Canyon there will be some geologic formations and then the famous Walters Wiggles which is a series of steep switchbacks.

After this the trail narrows and ascends 1500 feet above the valley floor. When you think you have made it, you haven't, you only made it to Scout Lookout where a lot of hikers make this their destination. If you are afraid of heights Scout's Lookout is NOT FOR YOU!

The fact that we personally took this picture and we were NOT in a helicopter should tell you something about the size, scope, and sheer magnitude of this incredible place and this dangerous hike. Those are white buses on that road down there. That road is where we started this hike. That road is where 97% of the visitors stay.

zion canyon north picture

walters wiggles picture

angels landing trail scenery picture

scout lookout picture

This is the look my son threw us when, after hiking for hours, we told him the hard part was coming up, and it would take a couple more hours to finish.

hike to angels landing peak picture

About the middle of this picture above on the edge of the ridge going up, you can see two bluish shirts. Those are people ahead of us on the hike, having already crossed the stairway down below

top of angels landing picture

zion canyon south picture

zion squirrel on backpack picture

Jason's thoughts - The longest, biggest, most beautiful mountain views I have ever seen from the trailhead and destination of the most dangerous hike I have ever been on. Hundreds of feet of near vertical CLIMB (not hike) combined with a 2 mile steep hike going in, using a chain implanted into the mountain to help you keep from falling 2,000+ feet to your death. Do NOT bring children on this hike. Do not take any hikes prior to this on the same day. Pack LIGHT, drink big before you
leave, bathrooms are usually broke. Our pictures cannot possibly tell the story, you must get up here and experience one of the best day hikes in the world.

Kelly's thoughts - A MUST do hike! Thrilling and dangerous. Of course the canyon views are great at the top but the best part is scaling your way from Scout Lookout to Angels Landing peak. This is serious business. There is no room for goofing off or getting cocky.

Ben's thoughts - I liked it cause it wasn't long but it was still hard to do. It was dangerous at the top.

Map location of Zion National Park. Click for main Zion National Park or full-time rv diary.

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