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This page from my master list of all Las Vegas articles I wrote while developing Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips.

Beatable Las Vegas Slot Machines

Everybody can make money playing bankable slot machines. That's right. Outside of Poker and a few specialized situations like professional card counters at Blackjack or outright cheats involving illegal tactics, players could never win money from a casino in the long run. They could have a lot of fun in a casino and they could win big sometimes. But a player could never win in the long run, consistently over and over. Until now. Until bankable slot machines. This article covers beatable Las Vegas slot machines, how my wife and I won for 8 months straight - by Jason.

So what could we do? I love casinos with the awesome food and big sights but I couldn't go broke playing slot machines. I won a little at poker but not enough to speak of. Counting cards I hear is for mathematics types and I hate math. As far as cheating goes I would never risk my future for a little money now. Then I discovered beatable las vegas slot machines called bankable slots and the big comps that go with playing these machines.

"Bankable slots" allowed people like my wife and I to make money day after day. We rotated casinos playing the tourist shifts for about 2 hours each casino cashing out for 8 months straight. How? Bankable slots.

A bankable slot machine allows you to read the screen and see when the last time the machine paid out and how much longer it would probably be before it paid out again, IF you know what to look for.

Here we are goofing off in what locals call the wander-win style of slot play picture. This is NOT a beatable slot machine. But the game is played by putting a $20 bill in a slot machine and spinning it ONCE, then cash out.

Then the next person in the group uses the same $20 ticket and gets to pick a slot machine to try, spin once, cash out, repeat until you get enough for everyone to have dinner or go broke.



Bankable slot machines are NOT the typical "lottery style" machines that make up about 96% of the millions of machines in Nevada.

A lottery style slot machine is what most are familiar with and they simply randomly payout based on a preset algorithm. There is nothing you can do to make it hit more or payout better except remembering to play max coin in. Bankable slot machines on the otherhand build credits up to a point at which they ALWAYS must payout. With the book I wrote you could simply sit down at one of these machines whenever what you read on the screen met the criteria I noted in the book.

For instance, you played $1 Big Bang Piggy Bank slot machines whenever there were at least 40 credits showing in the bank from previous people playing it. Same thing with Cherry Pie. If there were at least 60 cherries loaded into the pie from previous play you could sit down and hit in short order with clocklike precision.

There were a few problems that arose but the secret book I wrote overcame all of them and made people a lot of money. The first problem was identifying WHICH kinds and brands of machines were bankable and therefore potentially beatable las vegas slot machines. I noted all types that could be beat like Big Bang Piggy Bank and Gone Fishin as they were steady money makers.

Next problem was finding the actual machines IN the casinos with their vast floorplans and huge square footage. My maps told all. Other problems included people running teams and if they thought you were an ignorant tourist they would actually stand right behind you WAITING for you to get up when they saw the proper criteria on the machine to win. They would sneeze, cough, cuss, and breath down your neck harassing you until you moved on. We discovered that all you had to do was call casino security and they would quickly be discouraged from being there.

Of course the second biggest advantage to playing long hours of slots is the huge comps. Because slots payout more than any other game and require less staff to run they give the casinos the most profit. The casinos want your business so they give you free food, hotel rooms and show tickets for playing with your players card. We rarely paid for anything for the entire 8 months of heaven.

Picture below shows ONE girls checking out hom much money I won, and the other girl checking out my massive biceps. Oh do I ever have it going on....

girls check out guys guns

Sadly, those days are over. Other people discovered the secrets and wrote about it on public forums like stupid heads. Soon the casinos ran independent reports showing certain people winning more than average on certain machines and all the bankable slots were removed. However, there is hope again for those that like to live big but not pay much like me. I will be publishing an underground book on the situation for those interested in playing a similar style beatable slot machine that is being tested by the casinos right now. The new machines are actually SKILL based machines that you will play against other players.

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