how to live, travel and explore the world from your van

Play Poker in Live Cash Games and Tournaments Anywhere in the United States and spend only $20 a day on expenses

If you are an average to good poker player I will show you how to travel all over America to exciting places like Las Vegas and California; and how to live the professional poker players dream while preserving and growing your bankroll. Forget playing online. GET to the thousands of live casinos NOW using my lifestyle cost reduction strategies (means you keep your bankroll on the table mulitiplying your money and leverage instead of wasting it on living expenses).

Are you sick of the boring one dimensional online poker scene or is your hometown casino full of locals that already know your style and how to beat you? Well I have the answer. I have been living this Vanabode lifestyle for years now, steadily making money at the cash games in Vegas and in the freeroll tournaments that run every single day here!

las vegas strip at night picture

There is no substitute for Las Vegas! Do you have any idea how much fun you can have here? Vanabode shows you how to get free access to the top night clubs and swimming pools here, plus how to get free food, showers and show tickets. Poker players live here on $20 a day and make tons of money hitting both loose cash games and DAILY freeroll tournaments.
Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas News Bureau

Many have quit their boring jobs and gone on the Vanabode road only to discover they make just as much money playing poker as they did at their day job. The differences are: they have more fun doing it, and their savings grows because their overhead is next to nothing. What does this mean? Stay home and die broke and bored; OR, travel and have fun getting rich and famous.

I am not telling you how to play poker here. I am offering to show you how to HAPPILY LIVE on $20 a day so you can have the bankroll you need to play the poker you already know can win you money. My plan takes into account ALL the Essentials of a Great Life: excellent food, great sleep, good personal hygiene, healthy sex, and protection from the elements. You can live this lifestyle forever you if so choose because it is completely sustainable.

See my FREE online poker guide directed exclusively at poker players. You will get specific advice on:

How to do it NOW! This is one of themost interesting parts of my book. It covers how to get out of debt quickly, how to get on the road cheaply, and how to earn way more money than you spend.

Understanding the math behind maintaining and growing your bankroll: it basically boils down to this. You make a certain amount of money playing 1/2 no limit Holdem because that is the biggest game in which you can play where your bankroll can withstand a bad streak or two . If you could erase all your debt, live on $20 a day, and enjoy yourself playing a cash game in Vegas for instance, you'll be able to save enough money to go up in limits. So at your same skill level you can easily double or triple your bankroll in a few months because you have eliminated your overhead enabling you to save more, grow your bankroll and therefore move up to bigger games. With this new bigger bankroll you can make FIVE times more for the same number of hours playing 5/10 no limit Holdem instead of 1/2. My book shows you how to do this.

Vanabode shows you how to get free meals, hotel room stays and big show discounts.

Vanabode shows you how to get free use of mega resort pools, access to special parties, and free admission to major concerts, events, fights and more.

The key to Vanaboding the Vegas poker scene is taking advantage of the most incredible resorts, pool parties, nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment in the world. Seriously, when is the last time you played poker all night, won $300 and then participated in a 3,000 person 10 acre pool party? This city makes it easy to do it all on a small budget too with so much of the casinos offerings supplemented by gambling. The meals and fun are always cheaper and of higher quality than you will get anywhere else in the world.


Caesar's Palace and hundreds of others casinos in Vegas offer great live cash game and tournament poker 24 hours a day.

When you are living like this it is very easy to play your best poker. I know because it has worked for me.

Pamela Anderson and Sylvestor Stallone at one of  the daily parties hosted in Vegas

Above: In Las Vegas the big resorts and casinos host massive celebrity supported parties daily. While playing poker you will see and get to talk to some of them weekly without much effort. Photo courtesy of Kiki Kalor and Mike Rainbow.

When I initially released Vanabode those using my strategies were mainly campers and those traveling to exotic wild locations and national parks here in the United States. Now I have further perfected the system to include living in major cities like San Francisco, LA, and Las Vegas. This is perfect for any poker player that knows they are good enough to beat a tourist that has to play fast because he is only in town for 3 days or a drunk living it up on a Vegas vacation.

I guarantee you the Vanabode lifestyle will give you the only opportunity you will ever have to live big on $20 a day - that's everything, food, lodging, and transportation. If you want the full story check out the Travel homepage but keep in mind it covers ALL the benefits for all the different kinds of people that use my book, not just poker players. Even though some of the info may not pertain directly to you as a poker enthusiast, it will all be helpful in attaining the freedom you need to do whatever you want. That is a proven fact. Go here to read more or get started now.

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"I moved to Las Vegas nearly a month ago thanks to this guys book. My bankroll has increased from $1,800 to $4,230 in about 3 weeks and my girlfriend loves the night club scene."
Matt from Pennsylvania

"I bounce back and forth between Las Vegas and the massive poker rooms in California (5 hours drive). I have made plenty of money in the cash games but the real key is not spending a lot to do it. His book shows you how to keep your bankroll intact and growing rather than wasting it on living expenses"
Steve out of Orlando

" the United States forever on $20 a day. Come on, I thought, who is he kidding? Well I'm not skeptical any longer. I am on my fourth month out west and I still pinch myself every morning to make sure it's real" Wally Jackson currently in Utah

"I love the way this author gets right to the point. He simplifies complicated problems and literally shows you how to make each step happen. If you want to travel a lot, and do it cheaply, this is the only way I see to do it", Percy Parker - Louisiana

"I've been motorhome traveling for 14 years and I've never seen anything like this" Brandon in Florida

"His English and writing skills are far from perfect. Still, this is absolutely the best money I have ever spent on a practical show me how to do it book" Maggie, professor at a Florida Community College

"The only book that you need to travel the entire United States. Period." Matt

"I don't care if you think it will be a year or even 5 years before you can leave on your trip of a lifetime. Get this book NOW so you can plan correctly! I did. It's only been 4 months and I have already tested my van and equipment with three 4 day remote camping trips. It is a lot of fun!". . . Tamara

"Intelligent insight coupled with a lot of one-of-a-kind information. . ." professional reviewer

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