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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Rebuild Travel Trailer page 9

RV trailer repair project travel trailer, rebuild floors, wall rebuild, cabinets replaced

travel trailer rebuild picture

Front of main kitchen cabinet: Here's a before picture of it mostly disassembled.

Front of main kitchen cabinet: And there it is after many hours of scraping old glue and paneling off. Had to replace about 1/4 of it for rot.

Largest cabinet with fridge opening: Mostly finished with new facing, shelves and paneling. Yes, that is an Oldsmobile under all those trailer parts!

Largest cabinet with fridge opening: Same thing viewed from the top. The top of photo is the fridge cabinet. I replaced the shelf there too.

Largest cabinet with fridge opening: Front view finished. Ready for the gimp molding to be put on. See it at the bottom left in a coil?

Wardrobe cabinet: There's the next part to rebuild. I have to replace the whole bottom.

Wardrobe cabinet: Oh heck! It's easier to just scrap it and build a whole new one. I have to replace half of it anyways. There's the first part partially framed.

Wardrobe cabinet: New one on the sawhorses - old one on the concrete leaning against the sawhorses. Center stile in the old one was warped like a banana 3/4" in the middle.

Wardrobe cabinet: There we go - built a whole new one and put on new paneling and gimp mold (who invented that name? gimp???)

Desk/Vanity: Shot from the back before I took it apart. Lots of pictures are a must so I can see how it goes back together.

Desk/Vanity: Another view - laying down with the lid open.

Desk/Vanity: Top off and ready for rebuild.

Desk/Vanity: And there it is all rebuilt and sitting in place in the trailer. Still have to do the top. I'm changing it to matching arborite.

Main wall partition: This one separates the bathroom from the rest of the trailer. This one was tough to rebuild. The old one was so rough, it had fallen apart in several places.

Bench seat and bed bottom: This is actually the first one I did. It was easy because nothing else has to line up with it. Pardon the piles of stuff - gotta store it somewhere!

Main kitchen cabinet: There's my kitchen cupboard sitting in place. No screws yet.

Multiple cabinets: Quite a few of them are done now. They had to be moved inside the trailer before I could rebuild and install the back wall on. Otherwise, I would never get them in.

Desk/Vanity: I like this piece - Its my favorite furniture in the whole trailer. Don't know why - its cool.

Main bathroom partition: As viewed from the kitchen. The main bed goes against this to the right where the water tank is sitting now.

View towards front: Main kitchen cabinet there. The old wood you see is only sitting there for now until I rebuild them too. I needed room in the garage.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: This one has a lot of rot too.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: That's the bottom where the outside storage bay is. Its all rotten too. Remember the pics of the back end, open and rotten? This partition goes there.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: The top was bad too. This is the area of the worst leak.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: New pieces fabricated and glued and stapled in place. The old pieces are sitting on top for comparison.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: Top corner rebuilt.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: There it is ready for paneling. See the glue on the wood?

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: Close up of the glue.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: New paneling partly done and in the middle of routing out the openings.

Bathroom storage cabinets partition: Partition done - time for gimp mold.

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All work, text, and photographs courtesy of Bob Hanover
Rebuild Project - 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer


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