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rv articles Jason Odom wrote prior to Vanabode

RV Information Sitemap of all related articles

I wrote these pages for my original Recreational Vehicle website RVforSaleGuide.com before discovering the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for long term fun. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so I offer what I know about them here.

General RV Information

Recreational vehicles compared by class a, b, c, fifth wheel, trailer, bus conversion, Vanabode
Seven Commandments for any initial RV purchase, break these rules and you will suffer
Class A RV covers why I originally chose a Class A Motorhome over other types (pre-Vanabode)
Used RV for sale guide covers body integrity, price, model choice, maintenance, leaks
Used RV prepurchase checklist helps you evaluate a motor home, rv, or bus for purchase
Compare travel trailers brands, makes and 3 most important issues with trailers

Buying or Renting an RV, Lot, or Campground

RV campgrounds rent a good one or you won't enjoy your expensive motorhome
RV real estate how to buy your own RV lot or motorhome condo
RV campground for sale covers purchasing an entire campground
Buying a motorhome extensive list of things to consider, upfront cost plus running expenses

RV dealers - determine what they offer so you can decide whether to work with them or not
RV rent offers things to consider before renting an rv (which you should do before buying)

Selling an RV

RV selling options covers the good and bad of selling an rv yourself verses listing with a dealer
Selling RV shows just how to sell your motorhome or camper once you decide to list it.
EXAMPLE RV advertisement shows you what to show the buyer when selling your camper

RV Loans, Travel Expenses, and Budgets

RV loans and financing - how to get a good rv loan, interest rate and financing package
Fulltime RV budget breaks down everything we spent for years in a Class A motorhome
RV, camper, motorhome insurance this can be a real deal breaker if not handled well

RV Storage, Winterizing, Spring Start up

Storing an rv considerations when storing your rv in cold weather and in a commercial facility
RV storage identify a good RV storage facility, prepare your rv for storing long or short term
Winterize RV storage guide for how to prepare and store your rv for the winter
Spring start up includes preparations before using the vehicle after having stored it

RV Trailer Repair and Complete Rebuild

Travel trailer complete tear down and rebuild with hundreds of pictures, NINE months worth
   rv trailer water damage repair page 2
   trailer water damage continued page 3
   rv trailer floor damage page 4
   rv floor damage continued page 5
   travel trailer water damage page 6
   travel trailer damage continued page 7
   rebuild travel trailer page 8
   rebuild trailer continued page 9
   rebuild travel trailer continued page 10
   repair trailer roof page 11
   repair roof continued page 12
   rebuild trailer page 13
   rebuild continued page 14
   rebuild travel trailer continued page 15

RV parts

RV awnings are one of the most important exterior options to buy, extends your living space
RV awning repair and replacement strategies to repair, maintain and replace camper awnings
Inverter covers how to find, choose, install and maintain the very important inverter
Rubber Roof typically EPDM type on motorhomes and trailers requires maintenance and repairs


rv accidents 5 most common reasons for rec vehicle accidents and insurance claims
RV accident attorney why you should hire a specialist for camper and motorhome crashes
Mexico travel for motorhomes and campers tips and advice
30 Day Long Anniversary Gift for a woman that already has every physical possession she needs
RV Motor Home regulations speed limits, legal height, width and lengths for each state.
Funny quotes and one liners
funny original things I have heard around me over the years





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