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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

RV Camper Insurance

Getting good RV, motorhome, travel trailer or camper insurance can be tricky but it's not impossible. There are insurance companies that specialize in RV insurance and they offer motorhome-specific policy features that you won't find on a standard auto insurance policy. These motorhome-specific policy coverage's are priced on the recreational use of the RV as opposed to regular automobile policies. They keep in mind that RV's are not used as frequently as regular commuter vehicles.

Nobody wants to drive through dangerous mountainous areas in a $100,000 motorhome and run off the shoulder only to find out your insurance policy won't cover you because you "live full time" in it, or you were too far from an established highway, or your policy isn't valid in Mexico, etc. Gather as much information on your proposed rv insurance policy as you can before buying.

The coverage on a RV-specific policy is comparable to and more likely to be less costly than the regular standard automobile coverage. The pricing and rates are determined by which state the RV is registered in, how often it is used, and the overall value of the motorhome itself. It's very convenient because insurance agents who do offer the RV specific insurance policies understand the RV lifestyle and will offer a variety of different coverage's to match different each RVer's specific needs. It's a relief and so comforting to have your claims handled by someone who understands how motorhomes are built and has an overall understanding of the motorhome itself. They are more capable of negotiating correctly and fairly, the cost of damages that may occur to your motorhome. You may think that a regular automobile insurance company would be sufficient to provide great coverage for your motorhome but this is not the case.

This is not just a car or a truck, this is a home on wheels and there are many different things to think about with insurance coverage. The most basic part of any vehicle insurance policy is liability coverage and the coverage of bodily injury, and property damage you might cause to others while driving your vehicle. If you add your motorhome to your insurance policy, it will usually have the same exact liability limits for both vehicles. You need to understand that the coverage on a regular vehicle may be fine for an accident with a regular vehicle but a large motorhome may cause a lot more damage in an accident and your coverage may not be enough to cover it. Again, specialty RV policies will give you a much broader liability protection than basic auto coverage.

nubble lighthouse in maine on the rugged coast

With a properly insured RV you can easily visit places like the Nubble lighthouse in Maine, shown here on a rugged coastal little island like spit of land. WIth our Vanabode we got up real close because it fits in a normal parking spot.

Motorhome purchase price coverage - If you suffer a total loss, you will be reimbursed for the purchase price of the vehicle when you bought it. Motorhome full timer insurance coverage is for those who live in their Motorhome all the time, and do not have another residence, you need special coverage's including higher liability limits. These coverage's can be added to your policy to protect you. Most insurance companies do not understand full timers' needs and will not write this coverage for you. So make sure and discuss this up front with your agent. Much like a homeowners policy, full time policies provide comprehensive personal liability rv insurance coverage that pays for bodily injury and property damage caused by an accident in which you are held liable. Auto policies don't provide full-timer coverage.

In a standard auto policy you have coverage on a few things that may be in the vehicle sometimes but those policies definitely do not cover the variety of things you will be keeping in your motorhome. Think about clothes, dishes, computer equipment, keepsakes, sporting goods, and more. These will need to be accounted for if damaged in an accident. Homeowners policies usually cover these types of items but there are different rules and regulations when they are away from the house and more than likely won't be covered. Homeowners' coverage almost always excludes damage caused by a collision. Full-time RV'ers that are traveling without a homeowners policy will pay out of pocket for items that are destroyed.

Remember, RVs lose value as soon as they are driven off of the dealer's lot. There is a great way to help with this issue. RV specialist agents offer TLR which is Total Loss Replacement. Total Loss Replacement will provide you with a comparable new motorhome if you have a total loss in the first five model years, this will protect you from significant depreciation. Lets say a total loss occurs after the five model years, then you will be paid the purchase price for the motorhome. Keep in mind that with a regular auto insurance policy you would only get the actual cash value if this occurred and that is usually not even enough to pay off a loan for the vehicle.

If you're an owner of a bus conversion or a classic you may have a problem proving the vehicles worth when there's is no standard market for it. However, an RV specific policy can give you a solution to this problem by offering Agreed Value Coverage. Agreed Value Coverage will lock in the value of the vehicle based on the bill of sale instead of a big fuss over the current value of the motorhome. This is a great convenience.

There is always a chance when traveling that something goes wrong and you need assistance. Well, with the RV specialty policies you will usually get free towing and roadside assistance. Your motorhome will be towed to the nearest service center that is capable of servicing a motorhome and usually you won't pay anything out of pocket. Another great aspect of the RV specialty insurance policies is that they may offer Emergency Expense Coverage. This will provide you and your passengers with lodging and transportation if your motorhome is unable to be used due to an accident, fire or other covered loss. This is very convenient because a motorhome serves as both transportation and a hotel many times while traveling.

There are many people who live and travel full time in their motorhome. For these people you need to look into coverage that will provide you with the costs of a hotel, rental car or airfare in case of an unexpected accident. Because in that case, you have not lost just your vehicle but your home. And this type of coverage would be extremely helpful to you. Also, for full timers there is no longer comprehensive personal liability coverage but with an RV specialty insurance company they can protect you and your belongings in case of a strange occurrence like someone tripping over your campsite and you being liable.

Some specialty RV policies also offer a feature called Disappearing Deductibles. This feature is nice because for every year that the drivers are claim free, they are given a reward with a discount on their deductibles. If drivers go four years without a claim, your deductible will zero out and you will pay absolutely nothing on your next claim. Everyone loves a discount. Be sure to ask about discounts when you're shopping around for insurance on your motorhome.

Sometimes you can take a safe driving course or if your motorhome has anti lock breaks or an anti theft alarm system you can be eligible for a discount. Also, some companies offer discounts for being a member of a motorhome club like Good Sam Club or AAA. Besides determining the type and amount of insurance coverage for your motorhome, finding a knowledgeable agent is important. Talk with friends and look for motorhome club endorsements. It's a good idea to shop around, because rates and coverage may vary by insurance company.

You'll not only want to find the perfect insurance for your needs but its definitely a plus to get a good knowledgeable agent to help you with all of you needs as well. You'll definitely want to select an insurance company that has proven stability and a great track record as well. Ask around and find one that you feel comfortable with. Rates and coverages vary so be sure to shop around and look into different ones and what they offer before buying RV camper insurance.

If you have a new rv you may be eligible for Total Loss Replacement, which provides that if your Motorhome is destroyed within its first five model years, you will get a brand new Motorhome - even if it costs more than you paid for the original unit! This motorhome insurance coverage is a great way to protect your investment from the effects of depreciation. During model years 6 through the life of your policy, many companies will pay the original purchase price toward the cost of a new Motorhome. Whatever policy you purchase make sure it covers attached accessories such as awnings, satellite dishes, and air conditioning units, which can be very expensive to replace piece by piece with labor rates involved.

Replacement cost rv insurance coverage is the newest and most popular coverage. In the event of total loss, you will receive a new unit of the same model, class, body type, size and equipment. Of course this is also the most expensive type of insurance. Click here for a free no-obligation RV Insurance quote from Good Sam VIP - Folks don't waste your money with normal insurance. Good Sams is real tight and covers all the loose ends for full timers too. Normal insurance will not pay if they find out you are living in your motorhome, and this plan covers casual campers very well. I recommend High Risk Auto Insurance for those with less than perfect driving records.

Motorhome Personal effects coverage is good for people who prefer to purchase the additional addendum that covers personal valuables like clothing, cameras, dishes, sporting goods, jewelry, televisions, etc.) These can be typically covered against losses from most hazards.

Motorhome Vacation campsite liability coverage protects you up to your policy limits for your legal liability resulting from lawsuits if you are negligible in the use of your Motorhome while using your unit as a residence. Visit GMC bus for information on used GMC bus models.

Motorhome Emergency expense coverage protects your vacation budget from the unexpected because it will pay for your hotel stays or your travel home when your motorhome is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. See your policy for more details on motorhome rv insurance.

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