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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Full-time RV Diary

Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas Stone Mountain, Percy Warner, Gateway Arch, hotels lodging

Marietta, Georgia - July 22-24, 2005 - Travel Info - Suburb northwest of Atlanta. Tremendous rolling hills, tree-shaded streets, huge trees, plenty of sidewalks.

Jason's thoughts - Biked 9.9 miles then swam, exercised and made out in the community pool - beautiful morning. If you like ghost stories this REALLY happened to me!

Kelly's thoughts - Visited my aunt and uncle. There is nothing like family, really good times. No shortage of laughter with these two. Thanks Uncle Julian for dinner and taking us to Stone Mountain. Being in the car with you two was entertainment enough. We had fun finding the IKEA store. Great dinner Myra, thanks. Atlanta Underground was not much. The Varsity has good orange cream shakes.

picture looking up at gateway arch st louis missouri

Buford, Georgia - July 25-26, 2005 - Travel Info - Northeast of Atlanta. Lake Lanier is close by. We only spent about 30 minutes there and wished we had allotted one more day for the lake.

Jason's thoughts - Thanks for dinner Bill Jr. and thanks for putting us up Uncle Bill and Aunt Marie.

Kelly's thoughts - I think having a pond in your backyard is a necessity in Buford, and I like it. These ponds are extravagant with their waterfalls, koi and goldfish. Visited Jason's aunt, uncle, and cousins. I am so glad that we had time to get to know each other more. I really had fun. Carol, next time we are going to have to go running together. Thanks for the dinner Bill. Just a few days on our trip and I am so glad that we took time to visit family on our way out west. If Jason's cousin, Carol, hadn't taken us to Lake Lanier we wouldn't even know about it. Bill, Marie, Carol pictures.

Franklin, Tennessee - July 26-28, 2005 - Travel Info - just south of Nashville. Awesome mountain biking in Percy Warner Park, with 2,000+ acres of horse, biking, and hiking trails with heavily treed steep descents and big flower laden open fields.

Jason's thoughts - Chad and Joy put us up, cooked us some good food, biked, jogged and walked on the railroad tracks that evening. After dark Kelly and I sat out back by the cows and watched the fireflies fill the sky. The lightning bugs were white, some blue, plus my personal favorite, the green ones. Saw a lady take 10 minutes to write a check for $5 worth of ice cream cones.

Kelly's thoughts - Enjoyed time with my cousin Joy and husband Chad. Joy's chocolate chip cookies are the bomb. This city has a country feel with the large city advantages. The trails at Percy Warner Park were so much fun and a little slippery at one point. Great pizza at Pie in the Sky.

St. Louis, Missouri - July 28-29, 2005 - Travel Info - Gateway Arch. Stayed at Casino Queen RV Park - full amenities, very helpful and friendly personnel. This park is within walking distance to the Metro which costs about $3.00 (nobody took our ticket, though). Take the Metro to and from the Gateway Arch and different points of interests around St. Louis.

Jason's thoughts - if you have the SLIGHTEST bit of claustrophobia do NOT spend your money for a ticket to go up to the top of the arch. The capsule they put you in is VERY claustrophobic! Saw giant toothless 6' Norwegian lady holding hands with her 4' tall boot-clad, long sleeve shirt tucked in, Mexican honey husband. Private Joke - Kelly saw a pseudo silo.

Kelly's thoughts - It was easy getting around to the Arch, downtown, and Laclede's Landing.

Overland Park, Kansas - July 29-30, 2005 - Travel Info - South of Kansas City.

Jason's thoughts - asked all the married couples we had visited up to now what they thought was important for a great long-lasting marriage and got the following replies - be willing to compromise (2) don't keep score, be absolutely committed to staying married PERIOD!, if you don't think and act like marriage really is permanent then chances greatly increase that it won't be, talk and be open with all the little things up front, chemistry, respect, common interests (2), communication (3), lots of sex.

Kelly's thoughts - Awesome food and entertainment at my cousin's. Thanks for the games Jake and Zac. Jim's delicious, cooked to perfection, KC strip cut steak along with Janice's corn-on-the-cob and potato salad. And, the absolutely best blueberry pancakes I have ever had. OK, it could've been cooking with the extra butter that helped but there's nothing wrong with that. Sorry folks, the two times we have visited Janice's and Jim's the cooking has always been superb. I just can't believe the things I hear. Hey, Janice did have a cookbook published, remember. Krispy Kreme donuts weren't so shabby either.

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