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Lake Powell Utah

Lake Powell Utah - family fun at Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell is a "do whatever it takes to get here" destination. Absolutely stunning. This is one of 4 places I return to again and again (others are Florida, San Francisco, Las Vegas) Thousands of acres of crystal clear rivers, lakes, streams, gulches, mountains, cliffs, rock formations, and desert plants running through huge canyons. We put kayaks in at the Wahweap ½ mile long boat ramp, kayaked through the canyons, snorkeled in the 15 feet plus visibility water, then lay on the big flat rocks to "warm back up". Another way to experience this is with a large group of friends, rent a sleep-14 person houseboat, complete with 4 jet skis, for $5,000 - $8,000 a week, split the cost.

picture of mud  man in lake powell

If you can only do one boat based remote trip in your lifetime do LAKE POWELL! Many experienced travelers say there is nothing like this in the entire world. Do the antelope canyon portion also. We have dry camped here before but you get so tired by days end and the evenings are so hot we usually pay the $20 - $30 a night for motorhomes to hookup. Visit ONLY in the summer when the water is warm enough to swim in.

picture of mud fighters at lake powell utah
picture of fighters in mud at lake powell
picture of mud ball fighters in lake powell

Ahhh, Lake Powell mud treatment. I am forced to "cover" my vital organs while Josh tries to break me with free mud ball tummy shots. Let's get the other son involved. Eat mud. Time to clean up in the cool waters.

picture of ben and jason having fun at lake powell
picture of lake diver in lake powell arizona

Glen Canyon Dam's Lake Powell in southern Utah and northern Arizona offers clean family fun. Beautiful rock formations extending out of Lake Powell continue to reveal their awesome beauty. Lake Powell's water is a refreshing break from the hot summer months with all types of satisfying water activities. Easy to do with kids, no biting insects. Visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell. Map location of Lake Powell. Click for more Lake Powell pictures.

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