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Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell and kayaking antelope canyon in Utah. Lake Powell is a definite "do whatever it takes to get here" trip. Absolutely stunning. This is one of 4 places I return to again and again (others are Florida, San Francisco, Las Vegas) Thousands of acres of crystal clear rivers, lakes, streams, gulches, mountains, cliffs, rock formations, and desert plants running through huge canyons. We put kayaks in at the Wahweap ½ mile long boat ramp, kayaked through the canyons, snorkeled in the 15 feet plus visibility water, then lay on the big flat rocks to "warm back up".

picture of bridge at glen canyon dam lake powell utah arizona

Above: Lake Powell is nearly indescribable. Get here. Just do it. One time in the Vanabode we spent time and nights at all four marinas and even rented a boat for nearly $500.

picture of landscape of lake powell utah

Above: Picture of the landscaping of Lake Powell that straddles Utah and Arizona.

waterfront lake powell camping for free in utah

Above: Marianne Edwards Shunpiker Guides turned us on to this splendid waterfront camping spot. Free, fun, nearly private, serene star lit nights over the water.

Above: Kelly captains the power boat through orange canyons, over clear waters, under blue skies, through Lake Powell.

rent a boat in lake powell for a day

Above: Views from the boat through endless canyons and 1,000's of miles of shoreline. Forget Europe. Forget the Bahamas. Forget Fiji. Forget Hawaii. Get here, it's easy and you can stay as long as you can handle it with a Vanabode. They even have seasonal jobs here while you live out of your Vanabode.

lake powell antelope canyon picture

Above: Picture of the narrow path of antelope canyon in Lake Powell Utah. We kayaked through Warm Creek Bay until the water ended. Then we got out of the kayaks and walked through the canyon.

canyon kayak lake powell picture

Above: Picture of Ben while kayaking through the canyons of Lake Powell.

picture of kayaking lake powells antelope canyon

Above: Picture of Josh and Jason kayaking through the waters of Warm Creek Bay heading towards antelope canyon.

Another way to experience this is with a large group of friends, rent a sleep-14 person houseboat, complete with 4 jet skis, for $5,000 - $8,000 a week, split the cost. If you can only do one boat based remote trip in your lifetime do LAKE POWELL! Many experienced travelers say there is nothing like this in the entire world. Do the antelope canyon portion also. We have dry camped here before but you get so tired by days end and the evenings are so hot we usually pay the $20 - $30 a night for rv hookup. Visit ONLY in the summer when the water is warm enough to swim in. Easy to do with kids, no biting insects.

lake powell rock jumping picture

Above: Picture of Josh getting ready to jump off a rock into the clear and blue waters of Lake Powell. The waters are always cool even during the 100 degree heat of the summer.

lake powell glen canyon dam picture

Above: Picture of Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona.

Lake Powell is an absolute blast. We had so much fun kayaking into narrow channels to see what we can find. When the water stopped we parked the kayaks and walked about a mile through Antelope Canyon. Click to see mud fight pictures. Travel info - Map location of Lake Powell. Visit the Glen Canyon Dam National Recreation Area, Lake Powell.


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