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Mountain biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota

One of the few trips we took our bikes on. If you read the Vanabode book you will find out why they are more trouble than they are wroth. Here though we had a blast, article includes trail information and pictures. Mountain bike (n). A sturdy bicycle distinguished by wide tires and horizontal handlebars, often used for off-road cycling. Mountain biking is that it need not take place on a mountain. We rode for six days of the two weeks we were in South Dakota.

  picture of bikes in grass in south dakota

Kelly was bound and determined to get me in some goofy shots, so enjoy. If you don't want your bony chest hanging out and you want to stay cool and dry check out Primal Wears incredible line up of awesome artistic functional bike wear.

Picture of Jason carrying bike over water

Above: One way to get across the stream.

Picture of Kelly walking bike through water

Above: Another way to get across the stream.

Picture of Jason riding down a large hill

We coasted down this rolling hill for about 3/4 of a mile through deep grass. This was fun and fast.

Picture of Centinneal bike trail through cow pastures

We shared the Centennial hiking/biking path with it's residents.

Picture of Jason being chased by a buffalo at Bear Butte Park

This is Jason running as fast as he can because the young bull buffalo is charging full blast towards him. The bison did not stop till he was right up against the tiny barbed wire fence at which point he reared up on two legs as if to jump over. We have no doubt that he could if he really wanted to. Click here for Death Valley desert biking information.

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