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Sturgis South Dakota

Sturgis South Dakota near Mount Rushmore contains many pictures of hundreds of custom motorcycles. The Sturgis motorcycle rally is the biggest most incredible motorcycle convention in the world. I have written a few pages and provided 20+ photographs for those interested in this portion of the trip here at Sturgis.

Every year, around the second week of August, Sturgis goes from a population of 6,442 to over half a million people. Yes, you read that correctly, 500,000+ people from all over. Thirty or so giant campgrounds hosting thousands of campers each spring up all around the town in the rolling foothills complete with hundreds of temporary showers, food booths, outhouses, and water stations.

sturgis rat bike picture copyright Jason Odom

A lot of the residents rent out their houses during motorcycle week. And, as you ride down any neighborhood road there will be hoards of people lounging outside drinking, laughing, hootin and hollerin. Also, some Sturgis homeowners rent their front and back yards to tent campers. Basically, you have no excuse not to go and have a good time at the largest motorcycle rally in the United States.

The Black Hills near Sturgis offer a multitude of day trips to Mount Rushmore or riding through the winding roads to Deadwood, and even Devil's Tower in Wyoming is beautiful ride. Fort Meade Recreation Area is located between Bear Butte and the Black Hills with driving pleasure on a national Backcountry Byway. The Black Hills National Cemetery is only three miles east of Sturgis. Bear Butte State Park is just beyond the Glencoe Campground with camping, hiking, and fishing. This is where we were chased by the buffalo while biking. Check us out mountain biking while in Sturgis.

sturgis bike steer exhaust picture

sturgis copper bike picture

sturgis blue flame cycle picture

sturgis cycles for sale picture

sturgis fat orange cycle picture

sturgis extreme vintage bike picture

wild green sturgis motorcycle rally picture

sturgis fat tire bike picture

sturgis flame blue cycle picture

sturgis graphic bike picture

sturgis green vintage bike picture

sturgis orange fatty bike picture

sturgis low rider bike picture

While there aren't too many opportunities to find comfort from the heat of the day while checking out the one of a kind bikes and trikes there is comfort in knowing that the nights are pleasantly cool.

sturgis orange green bike picture

sturgis purple cycle picture

sturgis red low rider bike picture

sturgis vintage yellow bike picture

sturgis sleak red cycle picture

sturgis turquoise bike picture

For the craziest of them all, there is coleslaw wrestling, ultimate fighting championships, tire burning, bikini contests, rock and roll concerts like Rob Zombie, carnival tents with nail driving contests and smash the put and hit the bell, mechanical bull riding, pudding fights, buffalo chasing, arm wrestling, and the nightly parade of bikers riding by showing whatever it is they have, from riding lawnmowers, motorized barstools, three-wheelers and four-wheelers, couches with 3-4 people sitting on them pulled by huge suv's, hot tubs in beds of trucks, dogs wearing sunglasses and helmets riding on the gas tanks of motorcycles, 6-seater limo motorcycles, go-carts, mini-bikes, scooters and homemade motorcycles with tubs on the back and pipes everywhere, and circus freaks most people haven't even seen in the movies.

Travel info - Map location of Sturgis South Dakota or For more visit sturgis motorcycle rally.


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