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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

San Francisco

San Francisco RV vacation pictures, food reviews, tourist areas reviewed. San Francisco has the usual incredible views, great shopping, street entertainers, wild crazy China Town with it's raw meat and food market complete with softball sized black frogs, bizarre live fish, live turtles, whole chickens and ducks in the windows, and every kind of disgusting, dried sea creature and animal imaginable. Kids get bored in a day or two; Kelly and I could stay a year and still love it. The world famous Sea Lions were gone for the season, which was a huge disappointment. Made the biggest navigational mistake of the trip by taking highway 1 North out of San Francisco on our way to the Russian River. After six terrifying hours of 15 mph, hairpin turns, steep brake smoking unmarked descents, bad roads, etc, we gave up, cut over to Highway 101, and discovered we were only 40 miles from San Francisco. Big rv'ers do NOT take 1 North out of the city…ever.

picture of toads for sale in san francisco china town

picture of precious san francisco sourdough bread

Above: Jason cradling his precious Boudin Sourdough Bread baby. Thankfully for us, he did share.

Above: Picture of Ben, Jason and Josh posing in front of Chinese restaurant and market. You can see cooked and raw meat hanging in front of the window.

san francisco golden gate bridge picture

Above: Picture of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Most days are foggy and cool. The fun thing about this bridge is that you can walk and bicycle across it safe from any car traffic. We highly suggest that you rent bikes and cycle around for a few hours. So much fun.

picture of san francisco break dancers

Above: Picture of Josh posing with San Francisco street performers and rappers.

picture of entrance to china town san francisco

Above: Picture of Ben and Josh at one of the elaborate entrances to China Town.

California offers such diverse flora and fauna that a vacation to the west coast is nothing but memorable. The pacific ocean is full of life and there is no better way to see its beauty from one end of California to the other than the Pacific Coast Highway (SR 1). Tour the historic Hearst Castle which is a beautifully scenic five hour drive south of San Fran. San Francisco's China Town is definitely a must see with its grocery stores, shopping, and people from all walks of life. Hotels and restaurants in San Francisco are well priced and generally of high quality. Vacation the California coast and San Francisco.

Travel info - There is definitely no RV parking in the city of San Francisco. We stayed at an RV park about four miles from downtown and for a fee they had a shuttle service to several stops around the city.

American Road Trips - reviews & pictures of places we visited on $20 a day - food, gas and lodging.


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