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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks have huge easy to navigate campgrounds, and day trips can include rafting, mountain and rock climbing, and typical hiking. Our pictures of Mammoth Springs in northern Yellowstone look pretty good but overall the look of the place had totally changed from a few years prior when we visited the park. We made a special half day trip up only to find the entire site nearly dry, boring, and dead looking. Five years ago it was alive with hundreds of elk, fountains of green, emerald blue cascading algae, and hot springs. Call ahead and check the conditions before heading to the north if you are undecided about traveling that far.

yellowstone prairie picture with bison herds

This grazing bison herd is seen from the main road through Yellowstone. We have been to Yellowstone three times and this was the first time we experienced the bison in the meadows seen from the road. On another part of the figure eight road in Yellowstone, some people were checking out a grizzly bear with binoculars.

hot spring at yellowstone picture

hiking yellowstone falls picture

Steam from one of the many hot springs, hiking near Yellowstone Falls with a new friend, beautiful blue hot water at Mammoth Hot Springs, hidden fort in woods in northern Yellowstone, water flowing from a natural hot spring, and a snow fight in August in the northern part of Yellowstone Park.

yellowstone mammoth springs picture

yellowstone park fort picture

water flowing near a hot spring yellowstone picture

Old Faithful Yellowstone picture

Yellowstone Falls lookout. We had to break up the boys from playing with their new friend for this photo. The area around the falls is a great place to picnic and for the kids to get into the woods and explore the terrain. I lost track counting the steps going down to see the falls at the level where we took the photo. There are benches along the way for those climbing up to take a breather.

Yellowstone National Park hot spring picture

Mammoth Hot Springs picture

Yellowstone Falls picture

Yellowstone snow fight picture

Mammoth Hot Springs, natural hot spring, Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful, snow fight, swimming bison, and elk grazing.

Snow fight in northern Yellowstone picture

yellowstone national park snow fight picture

Big, beautiful, animal filled park, and Old Faithful hot spring portion worth seeing. Hundreds of Bison, running, breeding, bellowing, charging one another, rooting, swimming, and approaching within 15 feet of our RV and us. This is a kid friendly park but beware wondering anyplace more than ¼ mile off established paths and near water. This may result in two to three bee-sized mosquitoes for every square inch of your body…and these aren't Florida mosquitoes that drift around lazily which you can walk away from. These monsters literally chase you and you cannot outrun them. Later while relaxing at our campsite in Yellowstone RV Park the kids alerted us to an 1,800-pound Bull Bison outside our RV - 50 feet away.

Yellowstone bison swimming picture

Yellowstone elk picture


At one point on the north part of the loop it had just snowed so we got out and played for a while. I didn't think we would see any snow in the middle of August, but I was glad that I was wrong. Click to see Yellowstone bison pictures. Travel info - We traveled this park well in our Class A. There is no overnight camping in any of the parking lots. You have to camp at an RV park within Yellowstone or go outside of the park. Map location of Yellowstone National Park.

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