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This page from my master list of all Las Vegas articles I wrote while developing Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas has over 4,000 rooms to choose from making it one of the largest hotels in Vegas. This includes the pyramid rooms and the tower rooms. The hotel is sandwiched between Mandalay Bay on one side and the Excalibur on the other. It's hard to miss, being the only pyramid on the Strip and the only casino with a giant light beam reaching 10 miles into the sky. This has been one of the best places to park on the strip for years when we have Vanabode camped here.

In the pyramid, there are over 2,000 deluxe rooms overlooking a very large atrium in the center of the casino. The spa suites include a separate bedroom and sitting room area as well as a spa tub. Bathrooms are oversized. The slanted windows are a little surreal but unique. Compared to other casinos in Vegas, the rooms at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas are probably on par with the old Aladdin, now called "Planet Hollywood." The twin towers behind the pyramid have over 1,700 deluxe rooms and over 230 suites to select from. They feature, besides the standard king or double queen sized beds, a large armoire, 27" color TVs and internet access for a fee.

asonishing view of the decadent luxor at night from Mandalay Bay's club tower

The luxury suites in the towers are 780 square feet with a breakfast alcove, a wet bar, his and her sinks and lighted make-up mirrors in the bathroom. The floor to ceiling windows make it easy to appreciate the fantastic view of the Strip and the Vegas nightlife.

The premier tower suites are over 1,000 square feet and feature all the amenities of the luxury suites with additional space for entertaining in the living room. The Egyptian theme is prevalent in all the rooms to some degree. They are not as large or luxurious as say the Bellagio or the Wynn suites. I would choose the tower rooms over the pyramid rooms because I hear too many complaints about the lack of upkeep in the pyramid rooms. The player deluxe room is also in the towers. It features a California King, a 42" plasma TV, Bose sound, an alarm clock with CD or MP3 capabilities, a wet bar and jet tub. You can also recline in your club chair and watch TV or take in the view through the expansive windows.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is one of the most recognized Vegas icons and probably will remain that way forever. It has had financial trouble in the past but the sheer audacity of such a creation has not been equaled even with hotels 3 times as big. I love the pyramid. It's style, theme, size, color, shape, and gigantic night sky piercing light are unmatched anywhere in the world. It is intriguing to see it tucked beside other normal structures on the strip.

Walking into the Luxor is like entering a massive Egyptian tomb ceremonial room along the Nile River. With the largest light beam in the world emanating from its triangular peak, this hotel can be seen for hundreds of miles away. In the summer months sometimes you will see thousands of gigantic moths flying in and through the magical beam of energy creating a night cloud of spectacular interest. When I see it I think of the "cloud by day" that God sent to lead the Jews in their journey through the desert under Moses care.

Problem for me is they are transforming the Luxor into a more typical adult oriented club and party focused joint. Chris Angel signed a long contract to perform his magic show here and they are diminishing the Egyptian theme which is sad. That's okay because at the Luxor you are not alone. A free monorail connects Luxor, Luxor and family themed Excalibur so if you ever do get bored just check out the other sister clubs and casinos.

The LAX Nightclub is right up there with the most incredible nightclubs in the world. Nothing in Europe or New York city compares to the sheer size power and star studded clientele of LAX. The Luxor boasts other clubs and bars as well for those seeking a more sleek less massive scene; choose Liquidity, Aurora, or Flight.

The windows in the rooms in the original Pyramid are slanted to the shape of the pyramid so it's not easy to look down if you want to look out on the Strip or pools. But the elevators go sideways which is a weird and difficult experience to explain. The tower rooms are newer and more comfortable.

I went to high school with Carrot Top and he has been funny forever. You just never know what he's going to say or do next in the comedic performances here at the Luxor and elsewhere. He uses multilevel props and crazy inventions.

Overview: One of the coolest joints in town, must see, get into the clubs
Location: South end of Las Vegas Strip
Restaurants: Company American Bistro is owned by a bunch of Hollywood A-listers and the food was real good, but pricey. Over 20 other choices.
Nightclubs, Lounges: Noir Bar exclusive nightspot has a private entrance for the elite similar to clubs in Hollywood, but the LAX experience was so powerful I will not waste your time writing about it. Just GET THERE! CatHouse Loungerie is designed to look like a French bordello and the staff is unbelievable. Once again just get there especially if you like lingerie.
Casino: 110,000+ square feet, including Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Keno, Let It Ride, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Poker, Roulette, more than 1,900 slot machines, and poker room, race & sports book has seating for 120 people with 130 individual TV's and 6 big screens for seeing big events
Entertainment: Atrium Showroom hosts Carrot Top and the adult show Fantasy. For the younger crowd there is a two-story video arcade called Games of the Gods, and The Tomb and Museum of King Tutankhamun. There is a motion simulator, In Search of the Obelisk. The Luxor IMAX shows a variety of films which are quite good and worth the price.
Extras: Incredible ambiance and one of a kind photo opportunities
Pools: 5+ acres hosting 5 pools and 4 hot tubs, pretty nice actually
Health Club or Spa: Nurture offers all the typical choices
Shopping: The Luxor Galleria has a few retail stores, there are 40+ small shops in Mandalay Place which is a giant tube walkway connecting Mandalay Bay to Luxor. Nothing special here. Check out this list for serious shopping.
Wedding chapel: numerous packages offered
Childcare facilities: None
Pets allowed: No
Parking garage: free indoor parking garage plus limited oversized parking outside, use valet this place is huge
Shuttle service to the airport: back and forth to the airport by a private company, better to take a cab if you are short on time.
Shuttle service to Strip: Luxor is ON the strip, no shuttle needed
Hotel amenities: Typical amenities, plus valet parking, salon, currency exchange, laundry, luggage handling, electronic check-out, free monorail
Miscellaneous: Check-in time is 3 pm and Check-out time is 11 am. The minimum age to reserve a room is 21 years and there is a maximum number of guests per room of four. Must provide a credit card for incidentals

Unique to this casino is the King Tut Museum, perfect for Las Vegas honeymoons and the IMAX Theatre showing a variety of films. No need to go to Egypt. You can visit an exact reproduction of King Tut's golden burial chamber at the Luxor. Kids will love the adventure and action films in the IMAX. Check the times; they tend to vary on a daily basis.

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