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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Rebuild Travel Trailer page 8

RV trailer repair Rebuild project travel trailer, rebuild floors, wall rebuild, cabinets replaced

travel trailer rebuild picture

Floor prepped: All the seams & screws are filled and sanded. Now ready for new linoleum.

Floor prepped: Same thing as viewed from back to front.

New linoleum going in: Got this piece of linoleum from the local Buy & Sell paper for $100. Its all placed and ready to glue down.

Floor is down: Gotta get the air bubbles out. Yes, that's me with momma's rolling pin! It worked - all the bubbles out. A neighbor stopped and offered help.

New linoleum: All done the floor! Time to let the glue dry while checking for bubbles.

I've been waiting a long time for this!

Another shot. Sure glad the weather has been good lately. Makes this project a lot easier.

Peel and stick waterproof membrane: I decided to put a water membrane from under the walls to under the bottom of the trailer to keep the water away from the perimeter joists (not eternabond).

Close up: I wrapped and sealed it well. Should be no moisture getting in here.

New wall panels going in: I started with the front. I found a deal on some slightly blemished oak panels.

Back corner re-paneled: That's the storage bay door opening you see here.

Same side as viewed from the front. Most of the panels are in.

Front view: The front shelf and main part of the upper bunk are now replaced. I scrapped the originals - too grungy looking.

Kitchen side: Got the bathroom waterproof panels in and part of the side.
Door side done: There's one side - now to finish the kitchen side.

Kitchen side done: Bathroom and kitchen panels in place.

Wheel well waterproofing: I decided to put the waterproof membrane on the wheel well too.

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All work, text, and photographs courtesy of Bob Hanover
Rebuild Project - 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer


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