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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Repair Trailer Roof page 11

RV trailer repair rebuild and repair roof

trailer roof repair picture

New Rafters: The rafters start out as a pile of 2X6.

Rafter layout: Then I mark out the desired shape.

New rafters cut: There is the new design - all cut and ready to install.

Before shot: Time to open it back up and replace the framing.

Out with the old: Old framing just before removal. An RV Rubber Roof can last for decades if installed and taken care of properly.

Ventilation: How's that for a large roof vent. Eat your heart out Fantastic Fan and Maxx-Air!

Partly replaced: Some of the new rafters are sitting in place.

Front view: The whole back is in place - just a few more to go.

Front: Close up of the front. (That's my daughter standing in there).

New roof framed: That was a good days work! All framed up & ready for ceiling panels.

Roof framing: Another shot - Note the slope from the 1X3 runners down to the edge.

Roof framing: Closer view of the new rafters.

Roof framing: Low down shot to see the pitch of the roof better.

Fridge vent: Have to remember to seal this up good inside.

A/C opening: This ought to hold up the A/C without deflection!

Inside view: There's that big open ventilation system again. Hope it never rains in again!

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All work, text, and photographs courtesy of Bob Hanover
Rebuild Project - 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer


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