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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

RV Mexico Travel and Cultural Tips

Tijuana Mexico RV tips and travel advice, cultural differences explained, safety issues covered. Camping in Mexico, in my own opinion, I think Mexicans are great especially to campers. Mexico as a country can be brilliant. It is unique; in it's own approach. Fitting in here is as hard as everywhere else. Learning Spanish can be valuable, but isn't essential.

ALWAYS ask permission to park, deposit trash, acquire water, etc. Never call anyone a Chico or chica. If you see elderly people outside of a shop, treat them with respect, it doesn't mean their homeless, they are probably the most stable and wealthy store owners in the area. There tend to be a lot of loose "pets". Problem is these pets actually DO something which can make them dangerous to you as a stranger. They could be used as alarm dogs, pest killers, guard dogs. You get near one and you might ruin your trip. Treat the children with respect, never pat them on the head as the Mexicans can see that as petting a dog or cat.

tijuana mexico tourist opportunity picture

If you want the server or something, a simple raised hand will do the trick. If you want the check, get up and ask for it. If someone goes out of his or her way to help you, offer compensation. Money usually is the best choice. Bargaining is done just like you do at a flea market in America. When traveling and rv camping through Mexico be calm. Mexicans tend to have a more relaxed daily schedule and rushing them and having unrealistic expectations is not prudent

If you go to a church, dress nice. If you get annoyed from loud parties, don't complain. Often you will be invited. Typically, Americans get into big trouble and are robbed or attacked in Mexico because they go places where they are not wanted. So stay out of the bad areas or you might get confronted by a man with no job and hungry children. If you see a military truck drop off armed men, don't be alarmed. They may look scary but they are there to protect tourists. Don't go shouting ugly English remarks, Mexicans know much more English than you think.

There are a variety of places to boondock and include private and public places. During the first couple days a cowboy will most likely approach you. Usually riding a horse, wearing cowboy boots, hat, and the like. If you offer him beer or money and a shady place to sit he will protect you from other hustlers, thieves, tell the police that you're OK, and ask them where to find nice restaurants. Pay him to protect your motorhome and prevent others from hustling you for a lot more money. If you go to a beach and fish with a boat, you will find 4 or 5 boys offering to drag your boat to the water. I suggest taking the offer; the kids will usually keep the others from stealing your belongings.

When you park your car in town you will typically be confronted by kid asking to watch or wash your car. Pay him and instruct him that he is to stay there and watch it and there will be more money when you get back if all is well. Otherwise if not hired he may slit your tires.

Don't try to slip anything across the Mexican border. You will most likely get arrested. They are a lot smarter than you would expect. They are very strict on guns especially. The borders have gotten a lot worse ever since 911. So expect a wait, have your paperwork in check and you'll be fine.

Getting along with Mexicans is easy. It's about courtesy. Keep loose change in pockets for beggars, but don't get to generous or you'll have a lot of bums following you in no time. Don't park your car in the middle of nowhere unattended. Look casual not fearful. But most of all have fun, or the whole trip; and all the precautions are a waste. I don't recommend going into Mexico any longer (as of 2017) Hope this camping Mexico travel tips article has helped.



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