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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana Mexico country and city travel information including Rosarito Beach. NOTE - AS OF 2016 I NO LONGER RECOMMEND GOING INTO MEXICO. Tijuana is a day-trip definitely worth taking especially if you are already in San Diego, California. You just walk into another country. Getting into Mexico is like going through the express lane at the toll booths. Coming back into the U.S. is like waiting in line to ride Splash Mountain at Disney in the middle of summer. Picture below is of the beach where we took cheap horseback rides along the crashing surf.

rosarita beach horseback rides in mexico pictures

Wow what a great time at Rosarito Beach Hotel, about 30 miles and a $10 cab ride from Tijuana. I got Kelly and I a dual 90 minute spa treatment, double salt scrub, then side by side massages, followed by a long soak in a huge hot tub drinking cinnamon raspberry iced tea. Relaxing there, smootchie smootchie, gazing at the glossy alabaster white ceilings, and plants so green in the sunlight spilling through the glass block wall leading to the ocean. With tip and tax it was $210 and worth it. The Mexican lady massage therapists were great but spoke limited English.

Later we rode horses for an hour on the beach. Fun galloping, trotting, and walking and an English speaking Mexican guide rode with us. It cost $50 with tip total. Once again the money goes further here and that is always welcome. There is great fishing, surfing, snorkeling, horse back riding, parasailing, spa dips, and Mexican food like the popular deep fried lobster. We saw many dilapidated RV's parked in peoples yards facing the ocean as some are trying to make extra money so my mind is pinning with the possibilities.

Tijuana itself is so big it is hard to see it all in less than a month. Many doctors and pharmacies are setup right inside the border so you can get a prescription for anything and get it cheap and immediately. The other vendors we saw just sold typical tourist junk that nobody needs, nothing clever, nothing unique. The food however was absolutely stunning. Kelly insisted on eating at ONLY the cheap gritty down in the gutter, street vendors cooking from carts right in front of you on the sidewalk. And we did and it was the best carne asada I have ever had, beating even California's and Las Vegas' "authentic" Mexican foods we get from the "cantina wagons". We ate dried beans, pomegranates cups, and fresh vegetables.

tijuana chihuahua picture

This Chihuahua is the real thing. He runs back and forth on the roof barking at everyone on the street. It's hilarious to watch this little vicious five-pounder.

Once back in San Diego we immediately began Active Duty and it had nothing to do with the military base and everything to do with the fact that we should NOT have eaten the wild roadside food or drank the water in Tijuana. Kelly did not get the infections quite as bad as I did but we both suffered and it impacted our trip terribly for a week. For 8 days straight days I had the worst diarrhea I have ever had, hitting the toilet day and night 24 hours a day every 3 hours or so. Slight fever, headaches from the dehydration, chills and shakes, no appetite but starving simultaneously, I am back to my 145 pounds like I was using hoodia. We love to eat, elevating the consumption of fine foods and beverages to nearly the height of sex, but this was one time we should have reigned ourselves in. We kept saying our bodies will fix this as day after day after day went by and we did not improve one bit. Finally, I got us some medical help in East Anaheim.

tijuana zebra donkey picture

Jason's thoughts - I saw a dog on the roof and he ran back and forth to try and get me to feed him my ice cream. The sign says "Don't feed the dog!" You can get your picture taken with the donkeys painted like zebras.

Kelly's thoughts - Crazy, in your face, vendors begging you to go into their store to buy "something you don't need". The ocean at Rosarito Beach was very clear and a beautiful color. I really enjoyed my 90 minute spa treatment at Rosarito Beach Hotel. Cafe La Especial was great, huge portions, great service, authentic, delicious and I would recommend it and go again. It is hidden below the street level so ask around.

tijuana taco stand picture

Travel Info - Tijuana is immediately south of San Diego. There are many parking lots just this side of the border for about $7 per 24 hour period so you don't have to drive into Baja Mexico where your car insurance is NOT valid. Cab rides to Rosarito can be had for $6-10 from the ROSARITO cabs NOT the normal tourist cabs who charge $40-$50. One way rides on the Mexicocoach are only $9 each person and it's comfortable, quiet, fume free, and air-conditioned, most cabs are none of these things. Bring your own water and don't drink anything else but bottled liquor. Map location of Tijuana Mexico.


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