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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

RV Selling Options

RV for sale motorhome for sale guide - compare selling the rv yourself to listing it with an rv dealer. If after reading this you decide to sell your rv on your own see Selling an RV for more on how you can prepare for selling a camper. Consignment rv dealers are also an option.

Selling Options - The two most common methods are 1) Sell it yourself using whatever means you have, 2) list your rv as a consignment unit with a used rv dealership. Following is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Selling a rv yourself - most people list their rv for sale in the local newspaper, put a "for sale" sign in the windshield, and park it along a major road. Word of mouth may net you some interest as well. Remember to keep your insurance up to date for test drives, check persons drivers license if you do so, and make sure your rv is in good running condition. Usually those advertising on this page are the top companies to list your rv on for quick sales. I sold my own motorhome like this and I have an example of the kind of information you need to provide when selling an rv yourself example.

Also remember if you do not disclose something that you know is wrong with the rv and the buyer later finds out about it, they now know where you live. Clubs, rallies, flea market parking lots, car races, football games, and personal contacts are helpful in getting the word out that your rv is for sale.

A serious buyer is going to want to drive the rv, test the water and appliances, run the generator, check out the lights and entertainment options. If something goes wrong, offer to correct it before completing the sale if it is important to them. Don't offer any kind of warranty or assurances.

Some buyers may want to have your rv appraised by a surveyor or other third party. If they are serious, and willing to put down a deposit, let them have the rv evaluated at their cost. Make sure they agree to give you a copy of the results to use for the next prospective buyer (if they don't buy). Stay with your rv during this process, you will protect your interests and probably learn something.

Selling an rv yourself - ADVANTAGES - could put literally thousands of dollars extra in your pocket, may cost the least up front, simple to start, if you are a full-timer using the rv to live aboard this may be the only option, easier to do on rv's costing less than $10,000.

Selling a rv yourself - DISADVANTAGES - might take a long time, rv depreciates during this time, the longer it sits the harder it is to start and drive, new buyer will know where you live (and may have been invited into your home for negotiations), no support, nobody to help you during negotiations, difficulty in securing financing for buyer, have to be there to answer the phone, make appointments, and show the rv, could possibly under price your rv, difficulty handling the transfer of money and title (cashiers check verses cash, when do they title the vehicle since it leaves your yard in YOUR NAME and in some cases with YOUR license plate on it). Make sure they have their own insurance in place before leaving.

Paying a dealer to sell your rv - ADVANTAGES - fastest most assured method of selling a rv, easier to get an objective price, you have a "middle man" to handle some negotiations, insurance, title work, deposits, escrow, you don't have to meet the buyers, your identity remains somewhat protected, they show the rv, they pay for the marketing of the rv and may in some situations have a ready buyer on hand, dealers are also there to advise you and make recommendations based on many years of experience and their judgment of the CURRENT market conditions, which change very often.

Paying a dealer to sell your rv - DISADVANTAGES - not an option if you are living in the rv, could cost you as much as 15% in profits.

Bottom Line - Price the rv right the first time and it will sell. It may take a few months. Overpriced, worn or troubled units take much longer to sell, if they sell at all. Anything that sticks out as troublesome can ruin a sale. I have seen buyers literally flinch when they looked into the portable plastic toilet bowl on a certain expensive Class A motor home that was for sale. Minor problem of staining that was not addressed may have been the issue that cost them the sale.

If after reading this you decide to sell your rv on your own see Selling an rv for a complete discussion into all the areas you should prepare for and be advised of. Usually those advertising on this page are the top companies to list your rv on for quick sales.


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