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This page I wrote for my old rv website before developing the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle for cheap easy long term road trips. People still like big rv's despite the much greater cost and trouble to operate, so here's what I know about them.

Bonita Beach

Bonita Springs Beach - with a portion of it a dog friendly beach. Bonita Beach is not quite as energetic as Fort Myers Beach which is to the north but it is a beautiful quiet coastline with two beachfront parks and ten beach access points within three miles. Except for Bonita Beach Park there are no nearby stores or concessions so be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks. Bonita Beach has miles of bike paths that meander along tree-lined streets, past parks, and through nature preserves. These are the kinds of places where a motorhome is completely impractical.

We just got back from Fort Myers Beach, again. We asked around for a good place for fish and were told of Doc's Beach House in Bonita Springs. So one day for lunch we took the trolley from the condo we were staying at on Estero Island to Doc's. Now Doc's is right next door to Bonita Public Beach parking which is pretty convenient considering there are no stores nearby. Besides eating inside or on the patio Doc's has a "come as you are" walk up concession stand. So you can just get up from your beach chair, order food and drinks, and then eat at their tables that are actually in the sand under umbrellas.

Jason and I ate upstairs overlooking the coastline and we noticed that the color of the water was more clear and aqua than Bonita's neighbor to the north, Fort Myers Beach. As we were finishing up our lunch it was just about high noon and the lunch crowd started pouring in. Soon the seven car parking lot was full and the valet parking attendant started strategically parking in the valet lot.

Above: Picture showing the long stretches to walk for exercise or shelling along Bonita Beach.

picture of beach day at bonita springs beach

Above: Picture taken on a weekend at Bonita Springs Dog Beach. You can see that there is plenty of room to run around and for beach goers to have some space as well.

picture of dog on beach in bonita springs

Above: Picture of one of the many breeds at Dog Beach. Click to see more pictures at Dog Beach

Dog Beach in Bonita Beach is definitely a must do even if you don't have a dog. There is plenty of free parking. There are no facilities for humans. The dogs use the bathroom in or near the water and do-do bags are available near the parking lot. You can anchor your boat at the beach to let your dog get some energy out.

There is no RV parking in Bonita Beach except at Dog Beach and across the street from Dog Beach. We parked our RV horizontal to the bay across from Dog Beach and just walked across the street. We put the awning out and set up the table and chairs. When we wanted a break or were finished with the beach we had a place to go to with shade and the cool breeze off the bay blowing across.

picture of family at bonita beach

Above: Picture of Josh, Ben, Jason, and Josh's friend Tamara at Dog Beach in Bonita Springs.

Jason's thoughts - Awesome fun, perfect inter-island kayaking, beach front woods and hiking, mangrove forests for fishing, clear water, big trees, and the awesome Dog Beach - a special beach set aside by the city for dog lovers. Hundreds, and I do mean HUNDREDS, of dogs of every breed and size, color and age plus their unique owners come and go throughout the day. Dogs are play fighting, chasing Frisbees and throw toys, wrestling and running full blast right over your blankets and chairs. Many will sit on your lap, pee on your chair, drink your water, and bark as you leave. I don't care if you have a dog or not on the weekends you should definitely VISIT at least once. Free roadside parking within 1,000 feet of the water. Free poop bags but no water or facilities. The scene at the Bonita Public beach area is a bit different. Crowded during the high season with very little sand. You have to zig zag past all those in beach chairs and the rentals for kayaks and jet skis. Very pretty with the Doc's Beachhouse restaurant on the ocean and convenient restrooms and showers on the boardwalk.
"They serve great cazones" said Uncle Manuel about the Italian restaurant.

Kelly's thoughts - Hickory Blvd. in Bonita Beach is lined with condos and beautiful private homes with lush landscaping of tropical plants. The beaches are quiet except for Dog Beach which is extremely exciting and full of barks. Watching the dogs interact with other dogs makes the time pass so quickly, unfortunately. Don't expect to leave without sand thrown all over you and your stuff and at least one shot of dog slobber on your stomach.

Travel Info - Head west off I-75 x 116 Bonita Beach Road. Follow signs to the beach. Bonita Beach Road turns into Hickory Blvd. at the beach. Leaving the beaches via Bonita Beach Road is easy and definitely our choice route. Map location of Bonita Beach, Florida.

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