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Captiva Beach

Includes island resort rentals, Siesta Key, bring big money. Captiva Beach is subtropical. It is located miles into the Gulf of Mexico with moderate climates year-round. It is not too hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter. Lush tropical foliage and blue water is what it is all about. Captiva is called the romantic's beach for experiencing glorious sunsets every night and peaceful sunrises every morning. You won't be bombarded with lots of kids or teens running around playing harsh music. Wildlife observing is a plus in this pristine environment on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and the bay area of Pine Island Sound.

picture of sunset on captiva island beach florida

You have a chance of witnessing a tortoise and better yet maybe a bobcot. EcoTours are available for the family also. Inquire about RV parking at the visitor center which is on the right about a 1/4 of a mile after crossing the bridge. All beach parking is metered and not all parking is ample for RVs.

picture of captiva beach

Above: Picture of the quiet beaches of Captiva Island.

Jason's thoughts - Harder to get to and more expensive than Fort Myers Beach or Bonita Beach, more expensive restaurants, very crowded, with some difficulty in parking even a car. I wouldn't bother with this beach if I had only limited time as it is neither as fun as Dog Beach, nor as active as Fort Myers Beach, nor as pristine and private as Lovers Key.

Kelly's thoughts - Soft sand between the toes that is easy to get off. Unfortunately, there is no beach viewing while driving on Sanibel-Captiva Road in Captiva. A quiet and unrushed experience. I was happy to see that Sanibel and Captiva have miles of bike paths and that everybody was taking advantage of this terrific feature.

Travel Info - Head west off I-75 x 131 Daniels Road. Follow signs to Sanibel-Captiva beaches. Sanibel Causeway (Highway 869) is the only road on and off the island and costs $6 to cross the causeway. Plan your day and time wisely as there is a lot of traffic on the island roads even on weekdays. There are traffic directors at the four way stops to let 20 or so cars through at one time. During this time of waiting you can enjoy a book on tape, get a suntan or sun burn on your left arm, pratice patience, and totally be able to goof off in the car with your family and friends. Map location of Captiva Beach, Florida - Captiva Beach. - Click for main diary list of locations.

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