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Bus Information Sitemap of all related articles

These are the pages I wrote for my old bus website before discovering the Vanabode as the best travel vehicle and system for long term affordable fun. Some people still like the large size of buses for motorhome conversions and so I offer what I know about them here.

Class A RV verses buses - Why I originally (before Vanabode) chose a Class A RV over all others
Bus Sale Commandments governing the purchase of any make or model bus, break em and weep
Double Decker bus candidate for rv conversion, restaurant venue, sporting events, tour bus

Bus makes and models overview
, shuttles, conversions, school buses, motorcoaches, advantages and disadvantages of each brand and model
Bluebird - Dina - Eagle - Gillig - GMC - Irizar - MCI - Neoplan - Prevost - Setra - VanHool

Specific Bus Make and Model Breakdowns
MCI 102a3 - MCI 102c3 - MCI 96a3 - MCI D series
Gillig BRT bus - Gillig hybrid bus - Gillig low floor - Gillig trolley replica

Bus sale overview
learn the most important issues surrounding a large bus purchase
Bus conversion for sale buyers guide - weight, slideouts, transmissions, shells, conversions
Bus accident attorney - highly specialized issues require experienced high level legal direction
Bus brokers and why they are valuable
Bus charter covers insurance, pricing, payment schedules, what to look out for chartering buses
Bus charter price quote explains and breaks down mileage, driver pay, tips, overages
Bus dealers here's why they are valuable despite the high costs often associated with a visit
Motor Vehicle Dealer - buyer and seller benefits and rules of the road
Bus loans are often the key element to any bus related purchase or motorcoach business
Rent a bus - insurance, driver hire, breakdown clause, mileage and fees
Bus Selling Options decide whether selling a bus yourself is better than letting a dealer sell it
Sell a bus guide covers a dozen issues surrounding how to make the sale
Buses verses vans the good and bad of each for use by churches and schools.
Buying a used bus covers that first time purchase for inexperienced buyers
Charter bus for sale overview, parts, cost, insurance, financing
Mini bus for sale overview, layout, versions, parts, cost, insurance
Church bus for sale buyers guide - weight, slideouts, transmissions, shells, conversions
School bus buyers guide weight issues, storage, flat front verses nose bus, insurance
Church shuttle bus specifics - shuttles, rust, leaks, service records, body style, seating
Rent a charter bus covers many different issues surrounding this important venture
Oil Recommendations for Detroit Diesel Allison Lube for Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Engines
Vegetable oil fuel buses can be quite affordable if you have access to the oil





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