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"My wife and I are reading it now and are getting excited to start doing what you've been living. I'm 58 and tired of the corporate BS and don't have to take it anymore. Your book has crossed my path at the perfect time...." Mark

"Thank you, that is a very decent offer. I am not going to take the refund cos the book is good and I know that is how you fund your traveling, it was just the fact that 2 Vanabode digital products were so different in price and i prefer kindle but didnt know til after I'd bought it that it was an option. Anyway, enough of that. I have a 13 year old who is ill and hasnt been to school for over two years. We bought a van and went traveling with our labrador round quite a lot of England and scotland. Unfortunately ellie isnt well enough to travel at the moment so have sold the van. Two downsides to my van. 1. it wasnt 6 foot wide- big mistake! Probably going for a peugeot Boxer next cos of course we dont have chevy's here. Did same as you, raised floor etc. Ours was an LDV pilot van and yes we stealth camped all the time. Its so cool, I dont really get why everyone doesnt do it, I mean why would you pay for a bed? I think St. Ives in Cornwall was one of my favorite places - stunning beach, good surfing (well for the UK anyway haha), lots of carparks with toilet facilities, Famous for Barbara Hepworth (sculptor) museum, enormous pigeons that swoop down and steal your ice creams out of your hands - bit scary but funny too, and lots of other really awesome things, could go on forever more. Also if you snore it is difficult to stealth camp. Shakespeare the labrador thought van living was the best thing ever and I have to agree with him!" jane

"Thank you -- so helpful. I am moving back to the U.S. in March, and my plan is to fix up a vanabode and do some serious vanabode traveling before my next overseas contract. Before I read your book, I was going to buy a pul-behind trailer. After reading it, I realized that a vanabode is really what I want/need. Thanks." M. Brooks currently in Brazil

"Dear Jason, What a great book! It is an unusual mix of passion and practicality. You are clearly zealous about your philosophy. Most people who are that zealous can't provide such restrained and useful advice. You missed the best story though. How did you get a woman to travel with you? Most women are nesters and want stability. They do not want to 'bum around.' Yours seems like an incredible love story. That's the book you should write. I'm Vanaboding in a a Ford Ranger camper. I was going to get a van but, at the last second got a job as a traveling solar rep so the 4 cylinder is much better on gas. It's fine for one person. Thanks again." Will Pfister

"Hi friend, I purchased your book. And enjoyed it very much! I got an E-350 super-duty 2001 Ford Econoline 5.4liter V8. Burgundy color with no windows, perfect for extra stealth. Hehe. I love camping with it, no tents needed. Am converting it to a camper INSIDE only. Except for the fan as you suggested wisely. Will surely meet up with you in the near future. Am from Montreal, Canada. 45 years old. Talk to you soon buddy!" Mark & Linda

"I just finished it tonight on my way home from work on the train. From my job that I am planning to give notice on tomorrow or next Wednesday. And plans are for my husband and I to hit the road as soon as we sell the house. We are not vanaboding, but RVing it. So we miss out on the lovely easy parking, but … we’ll find our way into the cities in our “toad”. Right now we are learning to drive the RV, then we add the “toad”, and then we hit the road. Beginnings of some kind of poetry there. Anyway, aside from thank you for the book, which I am buying and/or recommending to all of my younger friends, with special emphasis on the NASA secret memo. Again, loved the book, and the ideas." Carol

"I've been meaning to tell you that we're now on the road! We left Tennessee on Feb. 4 and worked our way to Florida. We're in Homestead right now, staying with Art's brother. So far so good! We're well under $40 a day so far, even after taking our hosts out to restaurants. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help! Check smugmug if you want to see our Vanabode buildout pictorial journal." Bonnie

"Hey man hows it going?? Me and my wife are actually sleeping in our van for the first time tonight! its a ford econoline. im really excited!" Joey

"The reason that I bought your book is that I've just 'retired' from UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara). So I've got a vague idea of some of it but not enough knowledge or experience to save me a lot of grief down the road! Therefore my reason to buy your book. Yours is one of the few or only books so far that actually has a section on 'Safety', on being, or attempting to be somewhat safe on the road. A section that I think that every book should address explicitly!!! THANKS! My first order of business is to buy a used Class B 'type' of RV. With my age (59) and mobility issues (ankles not the best after breaking one leg and the doctor mis-setting it, and almost breaking the other ankle recently) I think that I need something bigger then the size of a converted auto size van but a larger 'van type' or 'form factor' on a larger chassis would work I think, gas/diesel mileage being a big consideration for me (I'm leaning toward Diesel, because of the possibility of making my own biodiesel in a pinch if need be!). Sincerely" Joe Hyde

"HI Jason...Julie Martin here.........LOVED the website, was so excited to find soon as my husband of 30 years and I wrap up some things at home here, we're planing on hitting the road for as long as we love are grandkids yet so we thought why the hell not........thanks in advance and have a great day!" Julie Martin

"I saw your book on Tiny House Blog. It's awesome. I still have to read straight thru. We're heading to Arkansas first to pick up our Bambi then starting our adventure. Hallalujah..we're homeless (no permanent address)..ain't it grand?!! We sold our portland condo last year, got completely out of debt, stored a few things and hit the road for 3 months in Costa Rica and here in Antigua. We came back and rented a place in Bend Oregon but now we don't want to pay rent so we bought a 2007 19' Bambi airstream. Feels great to be unhooked. Tiny is not without inconveniences but the people, places and clear head room are worth it." Sherry

"I purchased your book. I really enjoyed reading it. I love to camp so I had to check it out and had to order your book. I have always wanted to travel around cheaply and never realized that I could do it so cheap. I would really like to be on your email list." Gwen Huffman

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
Click for Vanabode Reviews Page 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19

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