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"I really enjoyed reading your book. I have been in business for myself in Savannah, Georgia for the last 24 years. It is more tiring everyday. Your book has truly changed my thought pattern." Robyn Quattlebaum

"I hope you are truly financially blessed because of the freedom you are bringing to those that have been hurt by this economy. I am a 64 yr. old disabled veteran, was wounded on three occasions in Vietnam with the last time ending my career (infantry/calvary officer). I have 15 medical conditions to include cancer survivor, heart disease, diabetes, bone degenerative disease, peyronies disease, post traumatic stress disorder and other assorted things with fancy names. Thank you agents orange, white and blue. I truly enjoyed your part about your three healings by God.The truth is God has kept me feeling pretty darn good. I became ordained so I could try to help our wounded active duty and veterans. I have been very active for many years in that area. I love to travel and my wife of 44 years loves to be home with the children and 8 grandkids. Your concept sounds perfect for me. I am learning about owning to much much later in life. I have two homes with all that entails and now I find that I am so busy keeping it up that I have no time for myself. Since I was told I wouldn’t live past 2004 then got cancer in 2005 with a five year survivor rate and now have a few more lumps. I am looking forward to fulfilling a few more dreams before I leave to see Jesus. I did do one bucket list, which means I just got more toys, which I now must maintain. Since you told us so much about yourself, I thought I would also become a person to you instead of an order form. "
Steve Ford in Florida

"Due to the recession i have really cut off buying crap i really don't need. I am paying child support and i had a large credit card debt. Child support will be done the end of this year and i took out a loan on my 401k to pay off credit cards. The cards were charging 20-29% interest and the loan i got is only 4% plus I'm paying more a month on loan then what i was on cards alone. That loan will be paid off end of next year so if i don't get consumer happy again i should be out of debt next year. Only other thing i have to work though is a house and storage unit full of stuff. I'm 41 now. I need to find time to sit down on eBay and start selling but its hard with my burn out from my job. I work in a factory 6-7 days a week with any where from 40-56 hours a week. Maybe when child supports done ill quit and do eBay full time to get rid of stuff and stress of job. I also currently live with my mother due to child support and debt. I make $17.50 an hour but after taxes, health insurance, child support, and 401k loan i only take home $130 a week on a 40 hour week. Then i have attorney bills, storage unit, cell phone, and internet bills. If not for living with mom I'd have more bills like rent/mortgage, taxes and so on. Vanaboding is my way out to find happiness." Kristoph

"We got our van! Woo Hoo! We were blessed to find just what we wanted at Larry Stigers in Frankfort, KY. It's a 2008 model 2500 with sliding door, tinted windows, and three OPENABLE windows (two back ones, plus one half of the sliding door), which we never expected to find in a used van, so we snapped it up on the spot. They only open an inch or so, so it's not a security or privacy issue. I plan to make screens and curtains for them. We've built the bed and are working on the other things. Thanks for your help. We're hoping to take a trial run in October for a week or so. Retirement is in February and we'll head straight for Florida, Lord willing!" Joyce in Kentucky (but not for long)

"I bought your book (Vanabode) as the first purchase on my Kindle. Great read, and just stirs my interest more of an easier lifestyle. Just recently purchased my third travel trailer, and will be hard for me to ever become a full time Vanaboder, but love living in the trailer and doing day or weekend trips like Vanaboding. I am on the road on weekends in New Mexico" Danny Johnson

"I found your sites and book fascinating. I did end up buying your Vanabode book and loved it. I can see myself doing it. I am a 48 year old divorced male with 2 teenagers (boy and girl). I am trying to decide how best to incorporate travel into our lives. The van idea seems to work great for a couple. I am thinking I would use it in 3 ways. By myself on trips. With my son on a trip. With my daughter on a trip. I would have a bed in back for me, then a tempory bed for one child. With the information in your book I do not fear retirement so much and how much it will cost. Just buy the van as soon as possible, eliminate payments and retire young. You go against conventional wisdom and are the better for it." Hans

"I live in a van with my boyfriend. We found your vanabode site while looking at various van-dwelling resources and I noticed the link to the money site. Your book is a good resource on how to make money off of the websites. Thanks for extra tips and that template, I'm planning to use it as a base and make it unique with gimp and some different coloring." Andro

"Just got your ebook. Love it! I've been doing the RV/van thing for about eight years. You point out some things I'd never thought of - especially equipment for cooking. Last fall, I got a "real job," and traded my van in on a Kia Soul, for better mileage. BIG mistake! Now, I'm in the process of saving the money to get another van. Even though I love the Kia, I miss the freedom the van gave. Had one identical to yours. Great van. Glad to be part of Vanabode!!" Peace, Brenda

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
Click for Vanabode Reviews Page 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19

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