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"Jason, So I've been rereading your book this week and am very excited about the prospect of starting my Vanaboding journey in January! I love your book and life philosophy! Thanks a million!" Michael

"Hello Jason! I find it kind of coincidental and ironic that I found you, possibly an act of fate…let me tell you why. I'm a chef by trade, work at the University of Miami as an Executive Chef…it's basically my responsibility to ensure that 10,000 tasty meals are produced for the students at UM per day. I've been there a few years, and had decided about a year ago that I REALLY hated my job, and career choice for that matter and was just simply burned out so I decided to poke around and see what I could do to escape this burden, and the option of an internet income came to be. So I poked around and meddled, checked out all of the "Get Rich Quick" programs and schemes, bought some of them, and like so many others, I found great disappointment in ALL of them. So, in my spare time (I work 50-60 hours per week) I decided that I needed to get some bare bones education as to what makes all of this come together. To make a long story short, I got down to the basics….and studied as much as I could given my time restraints. One of the resources I found a few days ago was travel category where I ran into your book "Vanabode"….loved it. Started to read your sales copy and soon became engrossed with your story…not only is it very interesting, but it mirrors my life so closely that it inspired me to write you this letter. Again, I'll give you the abridged version as to not bore you too much. Well, as it turns out, I'm a vagabond in spirit. I have to travel, period, and have been addicted to the road for many years. I am 43 years old, and straight out of high school, I embarked on adventure to Alaska. Drove the Alcan and Cassiar for many years to follow to work up there in the summer time. I developed an interest and got training in the Culinary Arts, and got busy being a Chef. I used this as my median to travel and work in tourist areas for the next twenty years…any way to enable me to hop in my car and hit the road in the "off season". I worked and lived in Yellowstone as the Executive Chef at Old Faithful for the 100 year anniversary, spent 7 years in the parks and worked at many locations…Zion, Grand Canyon, and finally, Death Valley. I did stints in Colorado at A Basin, Estes Park and Breckenridge, basically all as a means to see the country. In my off-time, I followed the Vanabode lifestyle, hiked, and camped as much as possible, saw and visited many of the places you mention on your website. On a more personal note, like you, I also had a very difficult childhood with issues of abuse and extreme poverty…it sucks to think about at times, but I found it easier to block my mind of a lot of those things, and focus on what the future will bring."

Anyway, I kind of feel like my search has brought me full circle to you, and I hope you can help me…after reading through all of your information and such. It's really important to me at this point in my life to find another means to generate income. I feel like my job is draining the life and spirit away from me, and I am too young to suffer this way. I can't imagine doing this for another 27 years so that I can "retire" right before I fly the coop. I'm a fairly intellegent guy, understand the fundamentals of IM, and am ready to get started. I'm laid off until June 21st, so will be able to do what you tell me full-time until then, and then fairly part-time until August 25th when schools starts up again, and after that it'll be somewhat of a struggle. I just found many a similarity with our two respective lives. On that note, I would like to request your "Retire Now Guide by Jason Odom". Anonymous

"I have to tell you that I have read Vanabode almost cover to cover. There are parts that made me laugh and parts that made me think. I encourage you to not sell yourself short. I think you have accomplished a great deal. Part of the process of getting books sold is creating a book on a topic that is timely, and if there was ever one that is, Vanabode is it. The book has already proved itself as a very good eBook seller. It consistently ranks well. Living as you describe in Vanabode is something that needed to be captured in writing, and it has and will without a doubt help many people. Many times, I have wondered about workable, cost effective solutions for the homeless. Vanabode fills the need for information. Nearly everyone with discipline and the capital to buy a van of some type can escape the streets when this information is applied....I follow a lot of authors and read a lot of books and I think you did a whale of a job on Vanabode and wish you continued success." G (website owner note: this review and feedback is from a fellow book author that publishes his work both electronically and as hard cover printed books).

My name is J and my wife M wanted to thank you deeply for sharing your knowledge via this amazing is an awesome eye opener. We have been living out of our van since September of 2010 and originally did it to pay off debt faster and buy a home. Well, what a change since then, although it was rough at first getting used to it but now...we can't see ourselves go back anymore. I plan to quit my job in 6 months and head out to a new life with wifey. You will probably be hearing from us soon as we start getting closer and look forward to meeting you some day at a rally. Thank You again for your incredible wealth of knowledge...J and M

"Hi Jason: Totally enjoyed your book and identified with the spiritual principles too. I am re-reading it for the third time after purchasing it on my basic Kindle a month or so ago. My wife is eager to read it too. We'll probably have practical questions and email you as we transition into retirement during the next year. Thank you" Carl Sutter

"Thanks Jason, THOROUGHLY enjoyed your book - zoomed through it from 6am to 8:30 this morning and now I'm letting my big computer 'read it to me' as I work. I have big hopes that your very convincing way will work its magic on my adventure-phobic husband and excite him enough to give vanaboding a go. :)" -karin

"Thanks Jason! Love the audiobook. My adventure begins this June after 2 years of prep and planning. Thanks to you and your book I feel like a freed slave!" T. Schilz

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
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