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"I bought your book and I don't think I have ever enjoyed a book more than yours! It is written with a clear, fun, commen sense style that is easy to read and draws the reader in to want to just hit the road. At the current time, I am fulltiming in a 25ft Airstream trailer and have a 3/4 ton Chevy Silvarado to pull it with and while the package is very nice, pretty new (2008 trailer, 2006 truck), and comfortable in so many ways, on the other hand, it is a big job to set up and break down and tow and park, etc. especially by myself (my 2 Chihuahuas are great travel buddies, but no help with setup ). Sooo this is where I am considering the switch to a Vanabode lifestyle for the sheer ease of being able to just jump in and go. Not to mention, the incredible savings I would experience with less gas, Alot less registration fees and insurance, and to not have to stay in RV parks all of the time. Of course my friends and family think I am insane to even think about giving up the Airstream for a van!! But then, they don't have to do the work either. Thank you for such a great book and great idea for living more free than most people will ever experience." Sharon

"You have exceeded my every need for information so far. I don't have a van yet only a KIA Optima, however "I love camping and have done so for years back in the 70,80 and 90's. I am a Veteran and plan to take advantage of the Federal and State of Florida annual discounted passes for entree and camping use. My biggest concern was I am a diabetic and need daily meds (No shots,Yet, Type 2), the VA came to the rescue and said I can get me refills at any VA facility in USA as needed. Great Job, wish I would have found you sooner as your book has been a huge help to me even though I consider myself experienced at this. Please feel free to converse with me by telephone, I would enjoy hearing a real southern drawal, spoken by a real Floridian." Yankee

"I loved your book - your philosophy more than anything. Thanks for producing such a great book - now I can hold it up and show people that I am not as crazy as they think when I say that I have no need for a stupid house or apartment (chuckle). The irony is that I rented my house out years ago - in another few years it will be paid off and, if the rental income stays steady, it should pay for all my vanaboding expenses." Jim in Seattle

"I can't tell you how much that finding your site has given me hope. Today's economy is crushing and I have been looking for information on a better life. Sovereign Society is another site that concentrates on passports and infomation concerning the quality of life in other countries. A reader comment on one of their stories mentioned Vanabode living. Never heard the term before and googled "Vanabode" to find out what the commentor was referring to. From there I found your site. Fantastic! Read through all the pages, pictures, links, etc. The Las Vegas page had a link to "" which is the site where you show people how you earn money from the Internet. Anyway the book was exactly what I needed and now getting my plans in order." Starley from Alabama

"I saw your post under the topic "Cheapest Places to Live in the World," suggesting that people look into the vanabode lifestyle as an alternative to moving to a third world country to live cheaply. I'd never heard of the term and was curious, so I googled "vanabode" and found your website. Very interesting. After checking out your website, I got to thinking that it makes sense to find a way to live cheaply right here in the U.S. so I purchased the book. Very interesting and without a doubt the answer to my question of whether it is best for me to live here in the US or try some third world country." name withheld

"I just retired from my job 5 months ago started car camping 2 months ago and bought your book 2 weeks ago. I love the book and learned many things. Many things i learned on my own, but your book opened my eyes to other things i didn't think of and has saved me alot of money. thanks again" Rebecca

"I understand you lived in parhump nevada at one point. I have been to the museum there and it is fantastic and certainly one of a kind. If you get to phoenix AZ area there is a camp ground outside of Apache Junction called dutchman state park off of rt 88 going toward roosevelt lake. They charge $12 a night but if you go in at night they have showers there and you can sneak in long enough to take one. Great book by the way and very glad I found you." Ivan in Arizona

I'm 55 and no longer have work stress or financial stress. My blood pressure has decreased by 20 points with out going to a doctor or taking blood pressure meds. Your book has been a life changer helping me find work while traveling. Hope to see you on the road somewhere and exchange experiences." Sedgwick

"In my research I found this book. Wish I found it sooner it would have saved me hours of research. Once down loaded I could not stop reading it. His ideas where easy to understand and very informative. Once you have the book the links all work to more information that will answer many questions from where to stay, eat, play, and work. The commentary and pictures in the links from Jason and his wife Kelly where just awesome. I can't say enough about the links that where extremely useful as they took me only to information I needed to R V type trips. I will need to go thru it several times to visit them all." Tom

"Bought your book Vanabode around this time last year. Where I am today: Debt free, sold most everything, rented out my house, bought a small 20 ft. Toyota warrior to live in, worked as a massage therapist in Olympia national Park at sol duc hot springs (LOVE IT) got job off a site you recommended in the book in the RESOURCES chapter. Job ends in Nov. and with all the money I saved I am heading to Quartzite Arizona. The Vanabode is my 2012 goal. Thanks for all you've done known & unknown." Paula

"Read thru your ebook on Vanaboding. I really enjoyed the book. My wife and I have no debt, no kids at home anymore, and we currently live in a 1985 class A motorhome which we own outright. Since we are both teachers we travel in the summer in the RV. We will be able to retire in 5 years (at age 55) and be able to live that kind of lifestyle that you mention in your book. (I love the 5 essential things to a great life by the way!) I would consider moving the retirement age even closer, but I love my job (I teach a high school morals class in an intercity school) and I have checked into a few "work at home" sites and found them lacking in so many things that they promise. Yours is the only real deal I have ever seen. Getting started today so I should be rolling soon..." Anonymous

"Firstly, I loved the book. I've purchased several vehicle-dwelling books... over the years but yours is by far my favorite. Firstly, it's packed with info. Secondly, it speaks directly to van dwellers, not those who, ahem, try to sleep in the trunk of their Oldsmobile and so on. The internet resources you provide have made my purchase even more worthwhile!" L King

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
Click for Vanabode Reviews Page 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19

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