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"I'm very much enjoying your book. It's incredibly helpful and only reinforces my thoughts on van dwelling. I considered this many years ago. Now I can see actually doing this. My wife loves the idea as well. Have a great day !" Marty Lang

"Since buying your book, I can't stop daydreaming in my cubicle about actually doing the vanabode lifestyle. I've bought an '06 Chevy Express. Looking at cashing out my pension/401k this spring and doing it. I'm only 47 but should leave Michelin with about $150k. Hopefully that will last me for many years if I can find odd jobs along my journey. Thanks so much for writing the book." anonymous please

"O great idea, cargo van. I lived in a toyota mini van for a year but it was too small for painting. so I was thinking short bus or step van but this would be plenty of room. Loving the book so far. thanks again!" Zoe

"Welp you got living exactly the way you describe. My situation is im 30, been in the military for 12 years well now im getting discharged in 3 months for becoming diabetic last year which will leave me jobless. Id love to do the vanabode life but as you talk about I fear money issues on the road and the whole buying a van, i currently own a 1990 class c motor home but I like your whole set up, I guess I can sell the camper for a van lol. Thanks my brother". Curtis

"I live in a cabin in the frozen north woods of Minnesota but I do get out Vanaboding from time to time. Your book has helped me with the tricks of the trade - I'm cheap - and have seen a lot of our nation traveling simply. My current van is a work truck, people mover and home or up to a few months at a time. This year I'm searching for a dedicated Vanabode. Thank you." Peace, Al B

"So about mid June I'm gonna take off. I kinda have a general plan for 2014. I'm headed to Grand Teton in WY. My son's best friend is a ranger and we are gonna hike the Tetons. Then I'm headed to CA to meet up with my son. We are gonna thru hike the JMT during the month of Sept. Then I'm gonna roll back across the country to be home for the holidays. Regroup and get back on road. Okay that's far enough, and I know nothing ever goes as planned but I'm just so hyped up to get on with my life and see what happens - Bring it! The coolest thing would be to run into you sometime. I will be in touch. Peace be with you" Tim

"I actually hate reading most things... But your book is so interesting to me! I have read half of it since purchasing it this afternoon! I hope to finish it tomorrow! My situation... I'm a disabled military veteran, and I am in too much debt for comfort. I signed up for a 30 year loan thinking all my life that this is what I wanted to achieve the American Dream... I purchased a house that would meet all of my current and future needs, to find a mate, have children, etc... I live in TX. I bought a 1,200 square foot 30 year old little home. It's cute, nice, and all, in an only "okay" neighborhood, but the expenses are more than I bargained for, even with the cheap $80,000 mortgage. I was trying to buy a $40-$60k home fixer-upper but that was impossible to get a loan for. So I am on a mission to be debt free in a few years. I have a car that I owe $10k on, and credit card debt I owe $20k on... So I could be worse off, but I could be so much better off too. Thanks for writing and sharing. My gf/fiancé/future wife, is very interested the tiny house movement, And I like the prepper-movement. So I think with your writing we could have the best of bother worlds with balance. A stationary self built home on a small parcel of land, debt free in the Colorado mountains, and a vanabode for transportation, and vacationing/living. Thank you for this vision! :-) "Simplicity". Thank you for "Expanding my mind". I very much appreciate the fact that you are a Christian, and that your values shown through all throughout the book. I doubt you plan to call me, but if I could ever accommodate you and yours in my home, for a free meal, and a place to shower and crash, let me know. Respectfully" S. Helderman

I was homeless for a year and lived in my dodge 1500 cargo van and supported my self by washing windows and doing small odd jobs I found on Craigslist like painting electric work and plumbing. I Started in Pa. and ended up around the Georgia Florida border for the winter. Came back to Pa. this spring and I'm living in Pittsburgh now and have a Job with one of the biggest train and plane manufacturer in the world. They liked my background in Electronics and past work as a Industrial Mechanic. So for the past seven months I've been building train operator controls and communication equipment. Your book has been a help in helping me survive long enough to start to get back on my own feet. Thanks, When I get ready to take a vacation I'm pretty sure I'll be going by van and it will be easier the second time around. Take Care" Jim F.

"I am in my sixth year of living full-time in a Roadtrek 190. I found your book interesting and gave me new ideas for living frugally. I travel alone and my daily cost average about $35.00. This allows me to save for splurge trips like spending 11 weeks in Spain. Thanks" Carmen

"Dear Jason, I just received you book and have started reading thru it. Thank you! It has already provided so much clarity to this process of moving out of a house and into the freedom of a van, thank you for all you do in helping those who want to live differently. Sincerely" Cynthia

"I love the Vanabode book and have read and re-read it many times. It is my dream to live on the road, but I don't know if I'll ever really have the courage to do it. I'm 56 and happily single, but the idea of being on the road alone is scary. And yet it's a dream that comes back to me over and over again! Thanks for your email, and I look forward to seeing the new book. Travel safe!" Liz S.

"Hey Jason, I have been traveling and living out of my van since June 2014. Mostly CA. I’m in OK right now and heading east. Want to be home in PA for Thanksgiving. What a crazy cool time I had and I will be heading back out on the road next spring. “Can’t get enough of it” And I want to thank you for your inspiration. I look forward to anything you write. And although CA and the west is beautiful, I miss the east coast. Peace" Tim

"Dear Jason, November 2014, I am listening to the audio book you recently kindly gave to me - really enjoying it... I am giving up work at the end of December this year and plan to Vanabode round South Africa for a while then to Europe for a while…possibly US to follow. Kind Regards" Emile

"I just got back from working and hiking the summer in Glacier Park in Montana. What a beautiful area! I'll be going back next year making it the third year in a row. I converted my Ford Escape to sleep in with milk crates for storage and the bed frame, and reflectix for insulation and privacy. I bring along my inflatable kayak and Hennessey hammock, and I go wherever I want. I'm selling my condo in Melbourne and will build a 1200 sq ft "barndominium" for $30k. I'm going to rent that out and continue to travel for free. I couldn't of had such a fun last couple of years if it wasn't for reading your book leaning tons of new things and sprouted many new ideas of my own. It's made my life a lot more enjoyable, thanks for your help." Andrew

"Hi Jason, I wanted to thank you and your wife for such an amazing book. The content was well thought out and the resources are priceless. We will be using them much. At this time I’m helping my family by being a caregiver for my parents, I have already downsized and have no debt and have been working from home in Net working for 20 years which is perfect for my travels. Right out high school I moved from WI to Florida and lived in my van for 6 months working flee markets selling watches & sunglasses to make a living. I came back to WI thinking the American dream was about creating a business of my own.. 11 years into it and Huge debt load and a Bankruptcy to follow was a lesson well learned. I was not happy. I could share more but I don’t want to bore you. What it comes down to, your book has me realized I was much happier living in my van and having the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted. What I do now allows that, but I still want a simpler life. Your book has help me set that path. I will still get a smaller RV as a hub for me, but I’m working a plan for vanaboding in bigger cities and tight areas for the RV. Thank you and hope to see you in our travels someday. Smiles, Eric R.


This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
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