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"Hi Jason. I purchased your book a couple years ago when I was first planning my escape from the working world, and today I put in my letter of resignation at work :) I've got a dodge van, and I recently found a wonderful woman who shares my dream of a life of freedom. I am very excited. Thank you for the information and inspiration in your book. Please add me to your email list. Where can I purchase the solar oven that is featured in your book? thanks again", Jesse Grimes

"I bought your book a couple years ago now and still love it! I'm "this much closer" to getting my van. I have a friend who is ready to buy his van too. Fun stuff. Don't forget, I want a copy of your updated book when it comes out!" Misty S

Jason, Vanabode refocused me in the near here and now. Good writing, really. Thanks for the Thermal Water URL´s! GR8 stuff! I have had people calling me a "Hotspringfreak" for a decade (my pic is in a Jason Loam/Marjorie Gersh Hotspring book) and actually my parents took turns carrying me to hike-in hotsprings as an infant, wrapped in cloth to carry like a Mayan kid. Awhile back, living on the Upper Amazon in Peru it occurred to me that (at age 63) until then I had never lived more than a half-day from a hotspring ... I got your book Vanabode and liked it so much I sent it to a couple travel blog pro friends of mine. Andy Graham, The Hobotraveler blogger and a long-time friend is about to leave the Dominican Republic to Van through about 30 States so I sent him a copy. Bill and Akaisha Kaderli of Retire Early Lifestyle, Billy used to be a Van tramp, driving down from the States when in his 20´s, hahah. I think I got him. I meet plenty of people from the North or South in places like Central America driving their Van´s long distance - from Argentina to Mexico or Canada and the States through Guatemala to Panama and such. Guess I will be Vanaboding sometime this year. Please write a book about heading South through Mexico and Central America... You might have to sub-title it "...On $10/day". Chris Smith

"Hey man, I'm getting a lot out of your book; I'm a bookscout in real life, and am now considering taking
the whole thing mobile. Sorry for the slow response to your gracious offer of a refund: (I'm the guy that bought the $27 version off your website) but I've been away from my computer, and your book gave me exactly what I wanted anyway, so no need to do anything like a refund for me :) I'd love to be able to travel AND scout books for a living, and I can see how it just might work with the lessons you've given me. Thanks for all you've done for the practicing and preparing Native Nomads out here and beyond." Webb M. Colorado Springs

"I have finished Vanabode now...amazing read, thank you so much for penning it. After almost three years of working in an office environment (rat race, really) and hating it, I am done with consumerism, corporate life, and feeling like my one or two-day weekends are way too short. I want to travel, write, and take photos of this great country...and Vanabode is the perfect answer I've found!!" Kyla

"After seeing your pictures, I believe this is possible, that your ideas are probably very do-able. I'm a road cyclist, I have ridden across NC, around Lake Tahoe, and have one century (100 miles in one day) under my belt. This is SO right up my alley. Only reservation is that I'm single, and I'm sure it's more fun for a couple than a woman with a kitty? I also have a friend Heidi, who, (must be related to you somehow) rode her bicycle from NC to Alaska and back, by herself. She wrote about the best public bathrooms (like McDonald's vs. Burger King) which had more room to take a facecloth bath with soap and water, etc. So I am already prepared, to a point, with these even better ideas in your book. Thanks so much for putting your effort into this. This is even better than getting the Congress to stop voting on their own pay raises, etc. Way better" Cyndy Howze

"Hi Jason. Please add me to your email list. I'm half way through your book now and will be going back through it numerous times afterwards, I'm sure! I'm thinking Vanabode could actually work quite nicely in conjunction with my tiny house (yet to be built) and then have the added flexibility that Vanabode provides. I'm smiling as I write this! Your message is very true about "our" fixation on accumulating material things and the difference in what it is that we are really seeking to be happy and fulfilled." Deb

"I bought your book on my kindle; have probably read it over 15 times. I'm now a huge fan. Finally opened a savings account to buy a van. Had already planned to get same van to haul one of my trailers and use for weekend getaways. But you took my thinking "outside the box," and I am SO grateful. I've been trying to find a way to get on the road for fourteen years, since my husband passed. At last, I see a day that will actually happen, as I CAN afford to "vanabode." Carole Arrington

"Jason !!! I been wondering how I'm going to Fla. from N.C. and I have a disability that keeps me from sitting and walking for very long. I'm reading your book and it gave me the answer." Ronnie Rhyne

Greetings Jason! I was getting ready to purchase a Class A, -had- it all picked out. Then you came into my life. I built conversion vans back in the early 70’s, most Dodge Tradesman’s, remember those? .....every hippy’s dream. Last Sunday night I was surfing Amazon and came across your book. As a former RV dealer, and lifelong wanderluster, dreamer, and entremanure from Wisconsin, I am very much looking forward to finishing your book. Alfred Voll, Rockton, IL

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
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