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"Jason, I am from the UK and have just bought your book and you and I are one of a kind. I am coming 69 yrs so well retired now and I get to do trips. Your book has come at the right time for me as I have been intending to do what you are doing for some time now. I have had two purpose built motorhomes in the past and a van fitted out by myself. When I fitted out mine, I put insulation on the side and roof which made it cozy when cold and cool in summer which was a bonus when we had dogs. With the curtains shut it stayed pretty cool inside which allowed us to go shopping together or to places where dogs are not permitted. In Scotland wild camping is allowed providing you use the usual "leave only your footprints" behind. I can use much of your tips in your book here and intend to do another van out in the next month or three. I found that factory built campers have quite a few problems with them and so fitting one out myself I can do it how I want, plus I can get more for the vehicle when I sell it than when I bought it. Anyway enough of me blathering, Well done you and forget the critics. Regards." Charlie Hobson Leeds Uk

"I am in the process of strategic default on our home that has lost half of its value. I am the happy wife of 13 years to **** and who loves homeschooling our 3 boisterous boys. The real reason for our default is we are now living paycheck to paycheck because of the inflation of food, fuel and utilities. We are going to sock away the money from not paying our mortgage payment to pay cash for a used 5th wheel to live in while we build up enough cash to buy a rural acre or two and then build our own debt-free home (using strawbale or cordwood construction, energy efficient, not too big). I am so fed up with debt. My hubby actually loves his job and can't imagine quitting so we will not be traveling far and wide anytime soon but we will certainly take your advice about living a wonderful and adventurous life, locally using the Vanabode strategies. I really like what I have read so far and I really like your writing style. Thanks." Anonymous in Michigan

"Hey man, I'm getting a lot out of your book; I'm a bookscout in real life, and am now considering taking
the whole thing mobile. I'd love to be able to travel AND scout books for a living, and I can see how it just might work with the lessons you've given me. Thanks for all you've done for the practicing and preparing Native Nomads out here and beyond." Webb M. Colorado Springs

"I finished your book and thank you for all the advice. I am going to do everything you wrote about. Thank you" Mike

"I just found your book on the Internet last night, bought it, and stayed up until after midnight reading the whole thing. My wife and I are preparing to make the change to a van-dwelling lifestyle this spring or summer and your book was helpful. I lived in a van once years ago but it was an unplanned "adventure" that was far less comfortable than it could have been. Anyway, thanks for a great book!" R. Witham

"I'm living out of my Mini van in Grande Prairie, Alberta, just finishing up 4 months working out on the oil fields to replenish the treasure chest and then back to the nomadic freedom of VANABODING! I'll be exploring the Canadian Rockies and the West coast in a week or so. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!
I've been happily using many of your techniques (I even have a fishing vest like you suggest to carry necessities around and toiletries into washrooms!) and I'm free to live a life that fascinates and amazes many friends and family members! Thank you VERY MUCH for such a GREAT book on ways to TAKE BACK our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM! ENJOY BROTHER!!! And say HELLO to the Mrs. from a fellow VANABODER" - UPDATE = "Hi Jason; I'm in northern Alberta working in the oil patch earning my yearly financial requirements to live the other 9 months as I please. This is possible to a large extent by using my minivan as a place to sleep in addition to transportation. People who know I use the van to sleep often ask "How can you LIVE in a MINIVAN?!" and I simply reply, " I don't LIVE in the van, I SLEEP in it... I LIVE in the WORLD." On my days off ( 6 in every 21) I drive to the rocky mountains via either Jasper or Banff and enjoy spectacular mountain vistas pure fresh air and a daily soak in hot springs. A beautiful life!
The 2004 Ford Freestar mini van is a work in progress and a great test platform for my on going stealth WINTER camp and travel experiment. I have even cooked wonderful meals outside with my pressure cooker and propane single burner. All this in an experiment in voluntary simplicity to see what I really NEED and what I can do without in order to free up time to pursue other interests. The ability to spend time the way I please is one of my definitions of a WEALTHY LIFE. The van is burgundy, all stock with absolutely no distinguishing features and blends in ANYWHERE. A clean suburban soccer mom van. The inside just behind the front seats however has been gutted, insulated (windows blacked out) and after a couple of experiments with heat sources, I've now settled with a built in espar forced air heat that runs on gasoline right from my gas tank and if I can locate a place to plug in, I use a little 1500W electric heater that cycles on and off with a thermostat. All works great. I am however... LOOKING FORWARD TO SPRING!!!!
I have fried another lap top so I anxiously await the link to your latest addition of Vanabode as my previous link is lost ( for the second time). Thank you in advance Sincerely" R. Ven.

"Like your Van Book, reading it on my laptop. Soy uno Gringo de Estados Unidos vive en Sud America (Argentina). Will get a Van by the time I work my way back up to Mexico or the States. Your ebook is inspiring. Thanks!" - Chris Smith

"My name is Joe, I currently work 60 hours a week as a restaurant manager and I hate it. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to have a good paying job, but I want to be free. I am educated as a creative writer, and I have many manuscripts written. However, I need time to properly format and edit my work for publishing. This lead me to search for a method of freeing up my time in order for me to commit 12 hours per day towards my writing. Someone recommended house sitting, but I immediately found that all of the decent positions get taken quickly due to stiff competition. I found your website recently, and consider your book my final shot at freedom. My dream is to be able to live in Big Sur, California, and have all the time I need to write my screenplays and books while watching the sunset over the ocean everyday. I would gladly live in a van or even a tent to have that opportunity. Well, hopefully things will fall into place, and I will definitely keep in touch. Thank you for all of the useful information." Joe

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
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