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"Been reading your book. Love it! I hav recommend it to others. Divorced now after 20 marriage. Not my falt . She just got bored. Hmmm. Sound familiar? Getting ready to hit the road. Bought a 37' motor home, now convinced to down size to a van. 37' paid for. I'll park it in case the van thing doesn't work out.
Have a great day." Sammy Isthmus

"Hi Jason, I purchased your E-book in May of 2012 and read it at least a few times. It was definitely the catalyst to getting my family and I out of San Diego and onto the open road. My hubby and I and our 2 kiddos left July of last year and we have traveled the country far and wide searching for our destiny, so to speak. We have decided that we want to take the fam down to Central America and see what we can find. I feel there are no accidents in life and your name popping into my head this morning just might be fate. Thanks" Nina

"Hello Jason! Read the beginning of your book and had to purchase on my Kindle as I wanted ALL the information that I saw avaliable in the contents page. I am a single 61 year young woman, planning on retireing next spring and then traveling for as long as possible. Vanaboding is just what I was looking for as my budget will consist of SSI, working on the road and selling crafts (also possibly doing some festivals as a Clown twisting ballons as that is a part time job I do now locally!). Have been looking as to the best way to travel and have considered tenting, but like the idea of living in a van as a much better choice! Thanks for such an informative book! And now back to my Kindle to read more about Vanaboding...." P. Kline

"Hi Jason, My name is Ben....Nice to meet you....Just to let you know, I purchased your book about a year ago....I'm a big fan of yours...Really have enjoyed the book...Great Job..!! Thanks for any help you can give me....I'm trying to retire or maybe semi-retire from the construction industry and have a few years to enjoy my life before I get too old...haha...Take care and keep in touch...Thanks again," Ben

"Jason, My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and the wealth of information contained in it. My wife is "Bonnie" and has been in touch with you a few times already. She's the one that turned me on to your stealth camping book and concept. We're headed across the U.S. and have been out since the first of February this year. But these previous months have been consumed with several visits to family and helping in a construction project that took about three months at my daughter's home. So, we haven't quite gotten "used to" the "stealth" concept of camping yet, and have primarily only used Wal-Mart lots and a couple of church parking lots. We're trying to get comfortable with curling up in the bed while sitting on a public street with other cars. Thanks again." Mr. Arthur

"Dear Jason, I am proud to say I am a Vanabode convert, and I am not even a Vanaboder yet! I bought the Vanabode e-book a few months back and I read it within 2 days. Everything in it made so much sense and I was immediately inspired to escape the trapped life I currently live by sacrificing trivial things in order to gain so much more. I am an aspiring filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. I work a full time job in Santa Monica at a camera rental shop, in order to pay the bills. However, I am sick and tired of having no money left over after paying for general living expenses. If I were to get a van and live in it instead, I would have an extra $600 to $1,000 every month to put towards whatever I want! In this case, my biggest desire is to make films, and that's very hard to do without extra money to do so. My goal is to get a van, pay it off over the course of a year with the money I would be spending on RENT, and then take all my extra earnings and put it towards my films (and maybe a little Vanabode travel!) My family, friends, and colleagues all think I'm crazy, but I know that I can see benefits that they cannot see. I also see that many people are not willing to give up trivial comforts in order to get ahead in life and find true happiness. Thank you for your help, Jason. I look forward to begin my Vanabode journey, saving money, having more fun, and hearing the advice that you have. Thank you for your time. Sincerely," J. Huddleston

"Hi Jason, I purchased your book in soft cover format on Amazon. Read it last night. Love it. So I'm reaching out to ask to go onto your mailing list for any info and updates that you might be sending out in the future. My hubby, son and I are on the road, out of necessity and have been since October 2012. We're in a car and staying with friends etc. So happy to have come across your book. Lots of great ideas. We're still trying to figure out what our next steps are and how to pull it all together financially. So I may be reaching out to you as per your invite in the future. Many thanks again for your wonderful book and your healthy, wild and spiritual take on life. And for sharing it with others. Love it!" Clare

"Dear Jason, Love your book!!!! Devoured it practically in one sitting. As I was recently attending my dying husband, my fantasy was the Road Trip I would take when I was free to do so. I am a devoted member of Gold's Gym and what kept me going was thinking about how I would take off and visit Gold's Gyms around the country. I would sleep in the back of my vehicle with my two little white dogs...So, now I am looking at vehicles and came across your book. I appreciate the advantages of driving a white van as you laid them out. Happy Trails! Sincerely yours" Desiree Fey

"Hi Jason, I was researching the purchase of an RV to live in after bailing on my house. The book was pretty cool and should be the answer for many fighting the economics of today. I did live in it for three years by renting space at two private estates. This lead to some amazing stories which I won't go into here. In the end it was still to much expensive upkeep on the 40' 96 Monaco crown Royal Signature and I was still paying precious money for rent. You were right about that. In the end the savings were not as much as I needed. I was not ready to let go of the pared down belongings and was able to store most of my tools and supplies in the basement. I also had storage at each estate. At the second estate I installed 15 flat screens, two theaters and 16 cameras as well as 7- 400 watt mono block amplifiers into a wall with it's own ventilation system for cooling. I have more skills than customers these days. You can put me on the mailing list. I feel that we are kindred spirits on some levels. Being alone at this time with heath issues and two kids who have their own issues, I am more concerned with surviving locally than going cross country. I did spend three years on the road as a manufacturers rep, using camp gear instead of my expense account, because nature was more comfortable than hotels and I like to cook simply. Quality trumps convenience. There were some surprised campers when I changed clothes coming and going. Thanks and enjoy the journey. It is a shame that so many my age are hurting now. I will recommend this to those without big egos who need so much stuff to feel good about themselves. I have already simplified dramatically and have been designing a stealth camper that I can be comfortable in. The hardest thing to give up is the motorcycle which is how I get my fun. There is a way to deal with this." Dudley

"Hi Jason, Awesome book! I am in the beginning stages of purchasing a used van and building my own set up. I've read several books on van dwelling, but love yours as it gives me more practical advise. Looking forward to learning more." Paula

This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
Click for Vanabode Reviews Page 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19

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