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"Hey there Jason, I ran into one of your converts today here in Yellowstone. He was filled with so much excitement about your story and mission. I listened to his stories of selling all his possessions and cruising the country free of corporate commitment. This all sounded so wonderful but man did it fill me with fear. As we are taught to live a certain way all of lives, leaving it all behind can be tough. This is a total paradigm change and one I hope to make. I am going to purchase your book and hopefully break away from the known to the lifestyle of freedom and grace. Thanks for your bravery." Jeff

"I did get the book in e-mail. The past few years, I have had two family tragedies, have lost a lot of my life savings trying to set my daughter and son in law up in business, had an unexpected divorce, and son-in-law's onset of schizophrenia due to extreme stress. Wish I was 20 yrs younger, had a partner or friend I could do this with. I am going thru a major depression and just want to give up. at 61, I have no energy to start over. I give up. Life sucks." Marsha

MY ANSWER BACK TO MARSHA "Hang in there Marcia. Do not give up on pursuing whatever it is you enjoy, as this will help. God cares and so do I, obviously he knows you and I don't, so calling on him; possibly by connecting with the minister from a local church; I AM SURE WILL BENEFIT YOU. I understand the loss of energy as even though I am younger than you I feel much less motivated and more melancholy than I used to. Do NOT despair. Your life is NOT over and you are not a failure. It seems you have helped people that surround you, and they will some day return the help. Write me anytime. Sincerely"Jason.

"Nice to meet you and your wife through your book. I found your booklet quite enjoyable. Gave me ideas. Although I live in Finland now, I am American, from Arizona. I like the idea of being free from extra expense. It maybe is too cold here to vanabode all year, but I find the concept soo interesting. Then again, I'm not sure how my cello would fit in, but where there's a will, there's a way. :)" Nance Hisa

"Vanabode has been such a good tool in my new mobile life - thanks so much for writing it and maintaining the community!" Nick

"I ordered your e-book from Amazon, wish I would of just gotten your printed book (available here ) Thinking about going on a long road trip around May.
I am 62 good health and single. Do you have a new book out, or more locations or new information available? (ANSWER from Jason Odom - YES new THIRD edition is available with MANY new features, see the list of updated Vanabode features here - )
I bought a Toyota Tundra, and will be putting on a cap to sleep in, etc." Gary Houser

"I just went to your link included in the book and wow. When I thought about the points you made regarding the Sprinter, it makes absolute sense (to NOT choose that one). Thanks, Jason. I'm about halfway through the book now. Problem is, I I keep stopping to read passages to my husband and we get sidetracked discussing them. Otherwise, I'd be finished by now :D - It's interesting how your recommendations regarding eating and food options mirror so closely the way we currently operate even though we live in a "drywall box". My husband and I get a lot of chuckles from your anecdotes. I am currently resisting the temptation to pick the book up again, as my conscience tells me I should probably do some work today :) I look forward to getting back to it this evening. Sincerely," Karen

"We received your book as a Christmas gift from our son this year. We are 56 and 60 years old and are getting ready to sell our house, hopefully before foreclosure. I take care of my mother, and my husband has had to go on military disability from his time in Vietnam... We get $630 a month and haven't been able to keep up with our mortgage. Our son lives in Colorado, one daughter and grandchildren are in Ohio and one daughter is in NC. We are tired of not being able to just go whenever we would like to see them (we are in WV). Living in a van is so much more doable for us, than a motor home, etc. When we moved on our land 20 years ago, we lived without electricity or running water. So this third and final phase of our lives sounds new and exciting for us. Thank you for giving us the incentive to get moving on it., and it is nice to know that we will have moral support as we head in this direction." M. and J. Lilly

"Let me start off by saying, great book. Tons of information and very inspirational. Recently bought the book on my kindle and couldn't put it down. Loved it. Hoping to get set up to start the vanaboding lifestyle myself soon." J. K. Landrum

"I recently purchased your book and I definitely do not regret it! Let me tell you a little about myself. Like you, I grew up without a silver spoon in my mouth. I had a big, combined family of 6 children and I knew better than to ask my mom and step dad for anything because the answer was always no. If I wanted anything, I was told to get a job and buy it myself. I never expected anything out of anyone unless I earned it for myself. I live in a very rural, out of in the middle of no where region and there isn't much opportunity for people to make a lot of money out here, unless you're the many lawyers, real estate agents and lawyers that are common in my area. I was recently taking some career tests to see what I wanted to do with my life. I've tried and failed many times at different network marketing types of business but it was so much work, and it can take a long time to make a lot of money for that "living big" lifestyle. Now that I look back, that isn't what I really want for my life. I want to live free, live simply and just to travel and enjoy my life more instead of working a job that isn't fun and fulfilling. My husband especially works A LOT (70+ hours a week) and we barely see each other, which has worn on our relationship. What kind of marriage is it when you barely see your spouse and they're too exhausted from working to even pay attention to you, much less have the energy to go out? About 100% of his regular job income goes to our high and rising utility bills, our rent, his student loans and other bills we pay with barely anything left for groceries much less travel or anything fun! I went through my vast book collection today to see what I can sell and I'm selling a lot of them. I have a Kindle so I don't really need them. I'm 28 and I've been working for 15 years and counting with nothing to show for it. I've traveled very little because I was always a prisoner to my job, as you put it :D - I plan on buying a utility van when I get the money for it and do what you do! I hope you're having a fabulous time somewhere in the country and get back to me when you're available :D, All the best.....from a former travel agent!! lol" Emily

"Jason, I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for answering my emails, it means a lot to me. You have really done your homework." Ludlom T.

"I purchased your book twice. Thanks from Panajachel, Guatemala inside a super-volcano in Central America. Two other "Volcans" are erupting currently within a drive from me and three other tremendous 'dormants' dominate the skyline across the crater lake from me. You are so right about the rightness of an unemcumbered life! Even though I travel at TukTuk or collectivo taxi boat speeds to exotic villages - my neighbors are all Mayans - these days I am car-free. I have read and gifted your book no a number of times and anticipate a time for Vanaboding someplace to somewhere unprounounceable. Your body of work is colossal! My friends, all independent self-supporting world travelers are more-or-less published or self-published expat travel writers so I believe I am "clued" to confirm you are Top Rank. Come and drive on down anytime - cheap living, awesome views, smiling people. Happy trails" Feliz sendero

"Maintaining a relationship with God - I am so glad you included this message in your book. It so true and relevant. I hope it touches many people. I purchased a van. It's renovation will begin after the first of the year. Wish me luck. Good bless you" David Hardesty

"I found your book because I was searching for a way to turn my life around and have fell in love with the idea of just simplifying my life and slimming down my processions, my life has been so much looking after everyone else I kinda got lost somewhere along the way." Macdonald

"Hello Jason and Kelly, First off thank you so much for creating the Vanabode book and making it available for people like me! Also for the website, you guys provide great information that I keep coming back to. We have been traveling the country in our van for a little over 6 months now. We have seen some beautiful places and many more are yet to come! Thank you! Kind Regards" Katie


This page is one of many pages of customers quotes on the Vanabode travel book.
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